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Online Shopping and Selling With Carousell Philippines + Tips on Better Shopping Experience

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I am the type of person who loves shopping online ever since I discovered the hassle-free online shopping as we avoid holiday or pay day rush. Recently, I shared with you, guys, my thoughts about the popular online market place, Shopee Philippines, and now I will be tackling about another online shopping platform which is called Carousell Philippines. I believe Carousell was launched in our country almost in the second quarter of 2016 and since e-commerce has been quite popular here, it is a good marketing strategy that Carousell (originates in Singapore) started to make an expansion in the country.

My Experience As a Seller

I didn't really mean to create a Carousell account before because I was quite 'successful' with Shopee. I easily declutter my items there so I thought, why would I start selling stuff at other platforms. After all, it will be a hassle uploading pictures and typing down descriptions all over again and was hard building trust and relationship especially when you are new to a community. But then, due to the fad, I decided to explore Carousell. I uploaded my stuff one by one and when I started getting feed backs from buyers and getting featured in the list of recommended sellers (for only a few positive feed backs), I enjoyed using it and became more active.

The best things about this application is that:
  • Carousell is user-friendly. Listing items is super easy. All you have to have are good photos then you can type the title, price and you're good to go. You have options to choose if the item is new or used or even include detailed descriptions to each item for more possible buyers.
  • Once we, seller, accepts the offer our buyers made, we can instantly leave a feedback for the buyer. So if the buyer is a bogus buyer or joy reserver, we can instantly leave a negative feedback on their profile which other people can see and make them aware of it.
  • All it takes is a single hashtag (#) to get featured in their categories. For example, Carousell will have a 50% off sale, you will receive a notification to include hashtags (ex. #sweldosale) on all items that you want to sell on a discounted price and the system will automatically detect it. It'll get into buyer's radar!
  • Portability. Upload items anywhere, anytime!

My Experience As a Buyer

The best things about this application is that:
  • Items here are really rare and unique.
  • We can make offer to any items. If you love the products but hate their price, take chance to make an offer that suits your budget and who knows, sellers might accept it.
  • Easy browsing. Items are well categorized so you won't have problems browsing.
  • I find that preloved clothes at Carousell are way too cheaper than Shopee. I bought a few branded stuff from some sellers and I loved most of them.
  • Take advantage of the 50% off during their #SweldoSale and get good apparels at cheaper price!
  • Sellers and buyers can interact and make successful transactions with the private messaging feature.

What I Don't Like
  • It is harder to sell stuff since people are usually hesitant with shipping costs.
  • There is still possible fraudulence even with the feed back system.

Tips On Better Shopping Experience
  • Check the seller first for negative feed backs and issues and how the seller and buyer dealt with it before proceeding with the transactions.
  • Make sure an offer is accepted first before you pay/ship for the items so you can leave a neutral or a negative feedback just in case everything went wrong.
  • Include detailed and honest information about the product you are selling to avoid getting negative feedback and also, to enlighten your buyers that they are buying brand new or preloved stuff so they should manage their expectations.

Overall, I like Carousell Philippines since I really get lots of unique pieces here that are affordable and of good quality. Still, it is much easier to deal with buyers and sellers in Shopee due to numerous of perks and opportunities. I like Carousell all the same though and will keep it with me until I declutter all my unused stuff lol. While I have both applications, I don't need to spend so much effort and time going to malls.


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