Friday, September 15, 2017

Pretty Secret Bamboo Charcoal, Tea Tree and Cool Mint Oil Blotting Papers Review

Pretty Secret Oil Blotting Papers
Variants: Bamboo Charcoal, Tea Tree and Cool Mint
Bought for: P49.99/ea
Bought from: Watsons

Even with busy schedule, I happened to drop by Watsons near the place where I worked a few weeks ago. I was supposed to buy something for my mom when I remembered I ran out of oil control sheets, which happen to be a must-have for someone who oils up pretty excessively. It has been an essential for me for quite a while now because sometimes most of the time, I'm just too lazy to retouch and the best hack to stay fresh again is to blot out oils (right?). I was supposed to repurchase my favorite Leiania House of Beauty Tea Fresh Organic Green Tea Face Absorbent Paper but then again, it , together with shipping fee, is kinda impractical for my preference. I decided to settle with some blotting papers I just find so affordable and little did I know that I will like them as much as I like Leiania's. In this blog, I will tell you why. Keep on reading!

Each box contains 60 sheets, not bad for P49.99. The sheets are housed in pastel-colored cardboard which is too cute, don't you think? Although getting a sheet is quite challenging. I prefer the packaging of Leiania 'cause they came up with pull in sheets. Still, I like it because it displays all necessary information like benefits, manufacturing and expiry dates, directions and cautions.

I don't think there are differences in terms of texture and ability to absorb oil. Bamboo Charcoal comes with gray sheets, Tea Tree comes with bright green sheets while Cool Mint is a darker green. They also have different scents depends on variant.

These oil control sheets may look sheer but surprisingly they are matte and soft and does not easily tear apart. They excel in absorbing all excess oils to keep skin matte and smooth in an instant. For me, one to two sheets is enough to blot away oils (still depends though on humidity).

Overall, these are pretty good steal! They are affordable and works well to remove oil! I have purchased quite few absorbent papers from Watsons and for me, these are the best by far. They really suck out oil deep down and I wouldn't see any shine on my fingers as I try to smoothe it on my skin. I just don't think they really do something to minimize oil secretion but still, this is highly recommended to everyone and I would definitely repurchase!

Have you tried Pretty Secret Oil Blotting Papers? Which variant? Share your comments below!


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