Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Whiter Skin in 14 Days With Seoul Skin Jinju White Korean Derma Quality Soap + Review

Seoul Skin Jinju White Soap
  Bought for: Free | SRP: P100+ (prices vary)
From: Pia Skin

I discovered something recently--another Korean product a lot of people has been raving about online. A lot of bloggers and even celebrities are all praise with this soap. Yeah, me too. I wondered why. When Pia Skin sent me one together with the cheek and lip tint, I was so stoked to try it but it was only a few weeks ago since I really started using it religiously ('cause I was testing another product back then) to see what's with all the hype. Apart from all the enticing claims and gained loyalty from consumers, I had high expectations with soap 'cause it is being sold in the market at a higher price so maybe anyone who wish to try one is really paying for something.

Claims, Ingredients, Manufacturing and Expiry Dates

Jinju White is the latest in technological advancement through the extraction of earth's purest ingredients clinically proven to brighten, lighten and moisturize any tired and dull skin. It deep cleanses, unclogs and minimize pores, lighten dark areas, clears acne blemishes, remove acne scars and brighten overall complexion. Achieve fair, smooth, even toned skin with Jinju White Korean Derma Whitening Soap.


I am definitely not someone you'll see dressed in pink or buy pink collectibles but if you have been a manufacturer of products in pink packaging, you will definitely see me stare at it them in awe. I'm still a girl after all! I know you also admire the pink box with necessary information printed on it like the claims, ingredients, manufacturing and expiry dates and proof of authenticity. Well, I don't know if someone already are making imitations of this soap but who knows who and when, right? Better be careful when buying online though!


The soap comes in an opaque pure white color with the name engraved on it. It is the size of a normal bar of soap which does not easily melt on soap dishes, good thing! Mine's been getting used up twice a day for two weeks and it is still as hard as it was brand new but less than a quarter its original size. It has a very subtle scent which is not bothersome at all. It does smell like powder for me lol. Don't trust my sense of smell though, I'm bad at describing scents haha.

This soap lathers well on the body. It gently cleanses skin without any itchiness even though I let it sit for more than 5 minutes per bath. This soap targets melasma, dryness, dark spots, acne, hyper pigmentation and uneven tan lines. Right now, I am only after getting rid of my tan lines and uneven skin tone especially on the previous days that I go home without using umbrella, when my sunscreen has died down and when the sun's at its most harmful state.  I know using one soap is not enough to get rid of all dark spots as well but I can vouch on this soap's effectiveness in making skin bright and glowing and it's turner brighter and more glowing each day than when I first use it! I forgot to track the days I am using this but I noticeably see a healthier glow on my skin especially on my body. I used to think I got really dark but this soap is able to bring back radiance. If you love the beach and got tanned, you got the right soap right here!

I used to have darker arms than my legs 'cause they are always exposed to the sun (I like wearing snug-fitting jeans) but now I noticed that my skin has noticeably look more even. I can tell my arms is of the same color to my legs and this made me dance with glee. Now I know why a lot of people has been raving about it and the 14 Days Whitening Challenge is true! The only downside I experienced with this is that it is drying on the skin. It makes my skin feel taut and I really need a good body moisturizer after wash. I know it's normal with whitening soaps. And while you are using this, slather a generous amount of sunblock to reap all benefits instead of getting darker.


I really like this soap to be honest and I highly recommend it to everyone even to those with sensitive skin prior to patch test. It is mild on skin and is effective in removing dull skin. Now I know what I will be paying extra for. Who will not like glowing arms? Not me! I will always remember what someone said to me just the other day, "Mas maputi ka na pala sakin, Hanna, eh!" I always see this soap being sold in bundles online and I plan on repurchasing. I love it and I thank Pia Skin for introducing me to Seoul Skin Jinju White  Korean Derma Quality Soap!

Until my next post! Let me know if you have tried this! Happy blogging!


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