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Zenutrients Tea Trea Scalp Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Zenutrients Tea Tree Scalp Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner
SRP: P156/P249 for 100/200ml (Shampoo); P182/P260 for 100/200ml (Conditioner)
Bought from: Sampleroom

I know I've said it a hundred times here in my blog, but if I'm taking a part of me for granted, it would be my mane. I'm used to having it thick, smooth and bouncy and I think that was because I frequently refrain from using harsh treatments and tools to fancy it. However, good things must come to an end if you don't take care of what's important--the reason why I've been vigilant and cautious on whatever I apply to my hair now. Prior to using these products, I swear that I had a bad case of dandruff and hair fall which can be attributed to stress and constant change of hair care products. My hair and scalp does look and feel awful and indecent that I had to get another hair cut done at a salon nearby. When I received a notification that Sample Room's stocking up on new products from Zenutrients (which I have been loving for quite some time), I had to grab some samples to try.

Zenutrients Tea Tree Scalp Treatment Shampoo

My hair easily oil up, which is why I believe in the theory (is it?) that those with straight hairs have oilier manes than those with curly ones. Because of this, I really need to wash my hair at least once every day, otherwise, it would look flat, limp and greasy.  There are other factors too that makes it at its oiliest state at the end of the day--hair care products, pollution, sweat. Believe me, I encounter these things everyday. At the start of your day, it makes a big difference to take a bath and wash your hair. It is as if it also cleanses your mind and soul.

The point is, it also pays a lot having a nice shampoo to effectively clean away all accumulated dirt and oil on your scalp and hair that would also prevent the buildup of dandruff. Zenutrients Tea Trea Scalp Treatment Shampoo comes in a clear, runny liquid that sometimes I over pour it onto my dipper tabo. Yes, I do the traditional in terms of applying shampoo lol. What I do is mix it with a small amount of water first and since they are both clear in color, I tend to pour either insufficient or too much.

The shampoo and conditioner has a subtle tea tree and mint scent to it. I'm pretty much aware that not everyone likes that particular scent but you'll get used to it, I swear. It's not plain Tea Tree anyway, just focus on the cooling effect of mint. And also, the scent won't linger for few moments anyway, even though you just finished your bath.

The shampoo seems to lather much as I mix it with water but it gradually disappears right after I apply it on my hair. I thought, is my hair that dirty that it won't allow the shampoo to make suds? Well, I did have the opportunity to use it while I'm on vacation (at home lol) where my hair's not really expose to pollution but it's all the same--shampoo won't lather enough. Also, it feels heavy on the hair as if I have different treatments on! It really feels unusual and at first, I want to rinse it right away and lather the commercial shampoo I'm using instead. But I endured and I'm glad I did. Yes, it feels a little weird while you are applying it, you might even think it will make your hair greasier, but surprisingly, it won't weight your locks down.

Zenutrients Tea Tree Scalp Treatment Conditioner

I am really having trouble with this packaging. I am forgiving with the shampoo as the formula's runny and it tends to slip down the narrow opening easily once you turn it upside down. But not for the conditioner which has a creamy and thick formulation that fails to dispense unless you pour so much effort tapping  and squeezing the bottle. I highly suggest that you buy the ones in bigger bottles for they come in pumps that easily dispenses the products.

The conditioner comes in pearly white shade that is really thick and creamy to the touch. Once you apply it to your hair, the texture disappears and it gives you the feeling that it is as if you are massaging your hair only with water. It does not feel very silky to the touch unlike other conditioners in the market which is but fine with me as long as it won't make my hair flat and limp. That is what I don't like with most conditioners, they over moisturize my hair that sometimes it feels a little bit greasy especially after commuting and sweating a lot. Which is also why I tend to skip this step every once in a while. The minty scent is very dominant to this product, and although it's suppose to give a cooling effect, I might say that it's barely noticeable unless you put a lot.

Overall Thoughts

I would say that I like these products especially they are both loaded with nutritional ingredients minus the harmful ones. They also effectively gets rid of itchy scalp and prevent the occurrence of dandruff. While my hair's still wet, it feels a little heavy but it eventually loses the feeling once it totally dries up. I just don't like the fact that these does not moisturize my hair enough or make it look shiny but still, it effectively keeps hair soft and smooth.

Have you tried this duo? Any thoughts? Let's talk about it down below!


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