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Cathy Doll Snail Mineral Drop DD Cream Review

Cathy Doll Snail Mineral Drop DD Cream
Bought for: Free with points; SRP: P449/138ml
Bought from: Sampleroom

Yey! Today's my big day. Just officially turned 21. Feeling too old lol. Thank you for all the advance and belated greetings, no need to greet me, guys, if you are too busy. It's enough to know you remember today. Silence means a lot haha! Anyway, just because it is my birth day, I am so excited to come up with several blogs just to make up for the past few days where I didn't have any updates or had something new on the way. Any way, to start the rounds of review, here's my thoughts about Cathy Doll Snail Mineral Drop DD Cream which I bought from Sample Room!


This product is also formulated in Korea and oh boy, I think I'm being obsessed with K-beauty now lol. More than anything else, I really appreciate that they come in oh-so-adorable packaging with playful designs. The packaging of this DD Cream stands out among all my other body products and I can't help but lovingly look at it from time to time. I am just totally hooked that I think nobody would disagree when I say that it could win in the best packaging category among all Karmart beauty stuff (if there's such thing lol). Also, I am overwhelmed with all the information this product contains and don't get me wrong. People who love to read like me would definitely find a joy skimming through all helpful information. Most of the Korean products I know don't have translations in English and I appreciate that this is an exception. I could spend hours just staring at the beautiful combination of pink and gray and the lovely font styles they use.

Manufacturing and Expiry Dates
This product has a shelf life of three years. It's a good thing for me since I am not seeing myself using this product everyday.

Claims, Direction for use, Caution, Ingredients


This product smells very subtle. I can't really figure out the perfect word to describe it ('you know I am not too good in determining scents), but it's almost barely there. Nothing too offensive. Those who are very particular with fragrances will not find it too overwhelming.

Texture, Consistency and Ease of Application

The product is creamy white in color and from the looks of it, I know it creates strong white cast which I was not wrong about. Anyway, I will discuss more of these later on. It very much reminds me of whip creams but with added weight and moisture. The DD Cream itself is soft enough to glide on the skin but it feels a little weird 'cause it turns watery when you apply it on your skin. How do I say this? Well, let's put it this way. When you apply it on your skin, it seems like the water used on the product separates on the white cream, therefore, making it harder to blend the product which now turned thicker due to loss of moisture. I'm becoming nonsensical here but this DD Cream really feels weird. I would really say that there's no ease in application as it's taking me several minutes before I completely spread the product onto my whole body. This is not like our typical body lotion that gets absorbed easily on skin. Residues like the strong white casts sets on fine lines and pores and it made me think that all active ingredients are useless since they do not get absorbed by the skin completely. See photo below.

Sorry for my hairy arms lol. I am still scared to try waxing or shaving (this is neither a choice, oh no!). The contrast are true on the first picture. I have awfully uneven skin tone on my arms where I always had my watch on. I didn't find it convenient to bring an umbrella before and apply sunscreen, which is why. I am working on it right now though. :)


DD Creams claim to have a lot of benefits but I don't buy that. It claims to brighten the skin, which is quite true but it's mainly due to the white cast which does not look good on me. My hairy arms could be a factor but I did try it on my face and I didn't like the effect that much. The cream itself looks too white, weird and incompatible with those who have warm undertones. Just look at my arms! Although it was really able to balance my skin tone, I still think applying this cream on my whole body every day just to match the shade requires A LOT of effort and blending skills (very important!). Oh no, I've had ample time applying makeup and additional preparation won't do me good lol. This might be a perfect fit to those with alabaster skin though.

This product dries easily, lightweight but leaves a slightly tacky and sticky feeling which goes away after minutes. Although the finish wasn't very much likable to me, I appreciate the fact that this product is moisturizing, softening and is non-comedogenic. I tried this on my face as well using a very small amount and it gives me a fresh, dewy look upon application. Dilemma starts after few hours though because it make my T-zone go nuts with oils. If you opt for a dewy Korean skin complexion, then you might enjoy this. And although I did not like the heavy, sticky feeling, it did not break me out after a week of use. Just a piece of advise, if you are to use this as a base makeup or primer, set it with a darker shade of powder to match rest of your body.

Overall Thoughts

Karmart incorporates anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients on this product such as Snail Slime and Collagen (which I believe only comes in small quantities due to rank in ingredient list), but it won't convince me to purchase a second time. There's just too much cons more than pros for me. I read somewhere that this product has other shade which is more suitable to Asian skin and which has a warmer undertone and if that's true, then I might give that one a try 'cause this extreme light shade won't blend well on most Asian skin. Another thing I would like to point out is the price range. If you are to use it only on your face, then you might find it economical to spend P499, otherwise, nuh-uh.

Have you tried Cathy Doll Snail Mineral Drop DD Cream? Did you like it? Share your comments down below!


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