Friday, October 20, 2017

First Impression: Serafica Body and Skin Care Products + Price Point

Here's to a first impression review to another organic skin care line I discovered through Instagram: Serafica PH. I found their products quite interesting so I joined their giveaway that whoever wins will luckily receive goodies from them for a period of time. Only 2 winners will be chosen and I was really lucky to be one and be trusted. I also had the freedom to choose which four products to use first and Ms. Jyka was just so nice enough to send a another soap.

Anyway, here's a first impression post about them!

Insta Glam (P120) and Insta Glam Plus (P130) Soaps

Claimed to be the best sellers and I had a pretty good guess why! Both of these lathers well with a creamy texture and feels luxurious on the skin! After a few uses, I already noticed that my skin lit up pretty nicely and I can vouch for it! The Insta Glam Plus Soap smells heavenly and definitely will be a cult-fave! Although I suggest that you lather a generous amount of moisturizer after bath 'cause these may be a bit drying due to its whitening properties.

Strawberry Milkshake Body Scrub (P149)

One of the best-smelling body scrubs ever! P149 for a 250g bottle in a super cute packaging? A definitely good steal! I won't lie when I say that this remove dead skin cells on the skin and best works with the two soaps I just mentioned. I am using it while I still have both soap lathered on my skin and the effect was just too good to miss! My skin feels so soft and supple after every use!

Extreme Whitening Body Lotion ( P250)

This lotion leaves skin brightened up every after use and is lightweight once dried. It also has a huge amount of sun protection (SPF 45). What I don't like is that I find it hard to blend on the skin and leave some white film. It also loses moisture after a few minutes so I need to apply additional moisturizer on top. A good suggestion came from Ms. Jyka: to mix the lotion with some beauty oils. A definitely nice hack to start with if you have dry body skin like mine!

Power White Soap (P120)

Haven't tried this soap yet it looks promising. Will keep you updated though!

All of these products are made with natural and organic ingredients, definitely free of harmful chemicals for a beautiful skin that's healthy inside and out! I will religiously try this product and update you once I emptied everything. I'm excited to see significant results and from the looks of it, I won't get disappointed!


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