Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Got My Goody Start. Style. Finish. Paddle Brushes in Buy 1 Take 1 Deal!

Courtesy of Goody

Product Features:

• Easy hold grip
• Ball-tipped bristles for comfortable styling
• Cushioned head for added comfort
• Ideal for all hair types

Brushing the hair is also another factor to consider to have nice hair that is shiny, strong, and tangle-free. It cleanses the hair, gets rid of dirt and dust on both scalp and hair and gives it a bit of massage that increases blood circulation and stimulates sebaceous glands, thus, promote healthy hair from the roots to the ends.
I must admit, it was only recently that I gave more attention to my hair since I noticed that it became dry and I'm shedding lots of strands every day. Taking care of it with the right hair care products and tools would help me (and also us!) get nice hair in no time. It is important to know that we should also invest to trusted brands so there will be no regrets after wards. For one thing, use hair tools that does its job in taking care of the hair more than do something bad. This is why I decided to purchase some Goody Paddle Brushes which is trusted by lots despite being a little on the expensive side.
But tell you what, I had to use my bargain-hunting skills to score some paddles brushes on amazing deals. I came across a preferred shop on Shopee (@chingchua) and she sells authentic Goody Brushes at a more affordable price. She is also selling these particular paddle brushes at a Buy 1, Take 1 deal in which I wouldn't want to miss. Imagine, I got two (2) Goody Start. Style. Finish. Paddle Brushes for only P300 + P25 shipping fee! It was originally valued at $7.49, around, P375 each so it seemed like I only got each for P150! Super sulit, diba?
When I received it on my doorstep, I can't help but get excited! The paddle brushes were as huge as what I expected so it takes only a few moments to brush all portions of my hair. The ball-tipped bristles are very gentle and comfortable on the scalp as well! I love it and it makes hair brushing a lot more convenient and fun!
Is wide tooth combs safer than hair brushes?
They say that it's more harmful to use brushes than wide tooth combs and here's my take on it. I wouldn't exactly agree to this because I personally need both in my everyday hair care routine. I have a wide tooth comb that I like to use to detangle hair especially when it's wet. Using hair brush to detangle is not really appropriate as it would create hair fall and makes the strands weaker due to its hundred of bristles that put more pressure on every strand. I would suggest that you use a wide tooth comb first to detangle hair and use paddles brushes to smoothen out its look and gets rid of remaining tangled hairs.
When is the best time to brush our hair?
I would say at least twice daily. Once in the morning to get rid of tangles (right after using wide tooth comb) and once in the evening to get rid to dirt and dust accumulated on both hair and scalp. And also, to give a slight massage that eases our senses and have a good night sleep. Also, I highly suggest not to brush the hair when its wet since that is when our hair's on its weakest state.
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