Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Human Nature Sunflower Lip Miracle in Mint Review

Human Nature Sunflower Lip Miracle in Mint
Bought for: Sale at P160 | SRP: P199.75
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I am no stranger to Human Nature as a brand that carries a lot of cult-favorite skin care items which caters to the whole family's needs. Not too long ago, they released a few products including this Sunflower Lip Miracle which comes in two variants as of today: Mint and Peach. I got myself the Mint one just because I really like products with cooling scents and I think it would best suit dry and chapped lips.

I really have sensitive lips. I can't withstand lipsticks, much less tints. I find them very discomforting on my lips to the point that it makes my puckers bleed. For years, I have been dependent to petroleum jellies just because they are the only products that soothe and heal my lips. A lot of people are asking me (even mom), why I don't wear lipsticks even though I have some and I would often say "I do, sometimes", "I'd love to" but always ends up with a "but". I also don't collect them no matter how much I looked forward to just because I wouldn't use them any way. And while I am taking care of my skin, I think it's just as proper to take good care of my lips--the reason why I bought some lip care products recently including the Human Nature Tinted Lip Balm and Scrub which I will be sharing with you on my next blogs.


The product is housed in a tiny, squeezable tube with a very simple yet attractive designs that perfectly fits my palm and pocket. The tiny hole and curvature on it makes it easier to apply the product on the lips without having the need to touch the product. It also contains 10g of products inside. Not bad 'cause a little goes a long, long way already. I like bringing it everywhere as I can easily tuck it inside my jean's back pockets lol!

Texture & Consistency

The product comes in transparent white shade and has the consistency of a sunflower oil--lightweight and non-greasy. Unlike other lip balms or glosses, this one has a thinner texture and does not feel uncomfortable on the lips. Depends on amount, you won't even notice that you have it on, really!


Smells like menthol. Just like that. It very much reminds me of dynamite which I find really refreshing and delicious. Sometimes I am tempted to lick my lips haha!


I have been using this product for weeks now and I never fail to use it several times a day. This is what I use before going to bed as a lip treatment and as a lip balm whenever I'm off to work. Since I am in an air-conditioned room most of the time, my lips are more prone to drying so retouch is necessary. With overtime use (together with my Human Nature Peppermint Lip Scrub), I noticed that my lips has significantly turned lighter and dark spots and hyper pigmentation which are probably caused by frequent bleeding and wounds, are reduced.

The mint ingredient on this product is enough to soothe pain on the lips and oils on the product gives it some healthy sheen. It also feels nice to apply this after scrubbing away dead skin cells. One thing I noticed about this product though is that the moisture do not last very long, thus, reapplication every now and then is necessary. Also, I still need to use it along with my Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to heal my wounds faster.

Overall Thoughts

I appreciate that this product has all the goodness of Sunflower and Castor Oil, Beeswax and Vitamin E which are proven effective in doing all sorts of moisturizing and hydrating benefits for a healthy skin, still, I would say that Vaseline Petroleum Jelly works better for me. Don't get me wrong! I love Human Nature Sunflower Lip Miracle because it was able to make a significant change in terms of the appearance of my lips (hello softer and pinker lips!) but it still did not match the moisturizing factor of Petroleum Jellies. If you have less dry lips than mine, I bet you would find this product perfect, not to mention that it's quite affordable and is widely available!

Does Human Nature Sunflower Lip Miracle interest you? Care to share your thoughts down below?


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