Wednesday, October 18, 2017

My Latest Sephora Haul: Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit + First Impression

Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit
Bought for: P2,847.50 | SRP: P3,350
Bought from: Sephora PH

I know it rarely gets on sale at Sephora and when they do, it's just impossible to miss it. Since they are mostly sell high-end products, 15-20% off already makes a huge difference on how much you get to save. Take my Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit for example, if my mathematical ability serves me right (lol), I saved P502.50 and I also had my huge parcel shipped straight from Singapore for free because I spent over P1,300. Score!

The last time I blogged about Sephora's upcoming sale, my priority was the Zoeva Makeup Artist Zoeva Bag with 24 pcs face brushes but there's a slight change of heart and get these acne control set instead. My skin, which I believed wasn't so accustomed to my previous skin care, developed tiny white heads and cystic pimples all over my face. I asked myself what went wrong (probably lack of sleep, poor eating habits and stress are the culprits) and just decided to get myself new skin care that would target these problems. I have never tried any Mario Badescu skin care product before and from all reviews I have heard, I decided to spend some bucks and  take a risk.

My parcel was well-packaged and the set was even housed in a green MB box bigger than regular shoe boxes and are well-secured with bubble wraps. The set includes Acne Facial Cleanser, Special Cucumber Lotion, Drying Lotion, Drying Cream, Drying Mask, a signature MB pouch and a compact mirror. I was a bit skeptical about this set at first, because who would need lots of drying products in different form, like seriously? It does not even have any moisturizer on it. Uhm, okay? Anyway, I will be talking more about this on my future reviews about the products. I will post a review for each product because it's a bit unfair for those products in the set that I don't use daily--drying mask, cream and lotion.

Anyway, here's my first impressions about the set!

Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser

Smells like alcohol, this cleanser does not lather much which is perfectly fine as it's non-drying and is gentle on the skin. It very much reminds me of Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser but I would say I still like the lather one better as of today.

Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion

I like this toner because it's very hydrating yet it keeps my skin shine-free. It smells of alcohol as well. It also effectively provide extra cleansing ability and gets rid of oil and dirt residue which was not able to remove by the acne facial cleanser.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

A bit strong on the skin so please be careful not to apply on sensitive areas around eyes, nose and mouth. I was expecting it to dry my tiny pimples overnight but no it did not. I am yet to observe its uses.

Mario Badescu Drying Cream

I think of it right now as the most useless product in the set. It is meant to target unsurfaced blemishes and uhm, what does that mean? A cream to prevent future breakouts? Enlighten me please huhu. I would not consider this as a face moisturizer though because it is so sticky and is so hard to blend and reeks of sulfur. I'll be very forgiving if I find any use for this soon.

Mario Badescu Drying Mask

I am not fond of mask, really. I just don't like waiting 10-20 minutes for a mask to dry even if it meant my skin's getting lots of nutrients. This is why I haven't opened this product yet but I'm stoked to try especially after reading some nice good stuff about it.

Will keep you posted about these products, guys! I will use these religiously and get back to you maybe  after a month's time? Let's see. Anyway, do let me know down below if you have tried this set already, good? Happy blogging!


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