Friday, October 27, 2017

Top 5 Best Online Shopping Platforms For Frugal Buyers in The Philippines

I am someone who lives up not doing the traditional shopping anymore--going to malls or famous tiangges like Divisoria and Taytay where anyone can score amazing deals and all. Not only it's too hassle visiting them on peak season, it also feels like injecting lots of effort and work when there's a way I could sit back and relax at the comfort of my own home while I do the pre-holiday shopping. There's just one con though, you're buying something that might not fit your standards and end up buying items you won't like at all. This happened to me several times and if you are someone who is very conscious and wants to take a very keen look on items before buying, then you might not appreciate this at all. Believe me, I had my fair share of regrets every time I get items that are plain photogenic but there's no way I'll ever stop because why not? I'm getting coupons or discount code in the mail every time and online sale seems so hard to miss.

So if you are living here in the Philippines and you want to score hot but affordable items, I came across five online shopping sites in no particular orders (where I have been a loyal shopper since then) that will definitely fit your lifestyle! But before we proceed, I had criteria that I follow before I chose the best sites: user-friendliness and portability, all-year round deals and coupons and variety of products and merchandises to choose from. Just so you know, here's the top 5 which passed those criteria just in case I won't be able to mention.


I have mentioned Shopee several times on my blog 'cause this is where I get most of my clothes and makeup. Why not? They are so generous enough giving shoppers coupons that entitles us to huge discounts all the time (usually no minimum purchase required). This is also where I get relevant ideas on what to blog about 'cause they usually features what products people are highly raving about.


If you are on a tight budget and running out of clothes or other accessories, you can simply scroll through the numerous fashion finds you can get here in Carousell. Although be careful 'cause a lot of items here are preloved but if you are skilled enough, you can get branded and new items for a quarter of their original price.


The best purchases here at Ebay (for me) are their ultra cheap makeup accessories like false eyelashes, tools and brushes, that is, if you are saving up and don't like to buy high-end ones. They are of the same quality to the ones being sold on online shops here but mostly are half of their price. Gadgets here are way cheaper as well but since I am a bit skeptical in terms of the authenticity of gadgets, jewelries and other expensive products, I don't mind spending a little extra on items sold in the malls which I can concretely touch and scrutinize first before buying.


I like shopping electronic merchandise at Amazon 'cause they always sell the cheapest among all international online shops that ships here in the country. Since I am planning to do vlogging soon, this is where I plan on getting all equipment which I will be needing like lighting umbrellas, microphone, lenses, ring light, etc.


I love it when their skin care products are on sale! Almost all items here are reasonably-priced and delivery is quick although they came from different sellers. One thing you should watch out though is the price difference of the same products. Make sure to filter the products from the lowest to the highest to make sure you're getting the best deal for the same exact item!

This post is not sponsored in any way. If you are following me for quite a while, you definitely could tell I love shopping online. Believe me, it was way beyond months since I last visited the mall, one because I got no time and second, it's much more convenient for working ladies. I came up with these top 5 sites where I really shop and had very little problems encountered. Tell me if you shop on any of these and let's talk about hauls and everything under the sun!


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