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7-Day Mask Challenge with Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheets + Review

Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheets
Bought for: P30/ea | SRP: P60
From: an online shop

I don't really believe that it really should take 10-steps before we achieve great skin. I mean we live in a country where heat is so extreme, let's bet--our skin will not survive having layers of skin care on without turning like a grease ball. Still, since masks are included in latest skin care trend, I have to try sleeping for 7 days, leaving on some mask prior. For those of you who haven't tried masks, these are made of cotton fabrics drenched in essences or serum that will give you instant boost of moisture and nutrition. As much as you'd love keeping it in a safe place for second use because it's still soaked with essence, don't, as it might already be a breeding ground for bacteria.

I looked for Korean mask sheets online (of course, who's so famous when you hear mask sheets, right?) and found some on sale. I picked the ones from Nature Republic because...err...packaging's cute? And yeah, I just know the brand for a long time now and I haven't used much products from their skin care line other than the Nature Republic Provence Calendula Daily Sunblock with SPF 50.


One thing I noticed about these masks are the pops of color used. Don't you just love how it's beautifully designed depends on the variants selected? Also, each sachet is loaded with necessary information like claims, ingredients and directions for use. I took photos of each variant and compile them in one single collage. I do apologize for the inconvenience but you have to view the picture in its original size to catch what it says lol.

There are a lot of variants available at Nature Republic branches but I only picked 7 to use for one week--Cucumber, Tea Tree, Royal Jelly, Tomato, Rose, Shea Butter, and Green Tea--each has their own uses.

Cucumber - moisturizes and makes skin soft
Rose - moisturize and revitalize skin
Royal Jelly - provide nourishment and reduce wrinkles
Tea Tree - soothe and make skin radiant
Shea Butter - nourishes the skin with a luminous glow
Tomato - hydrate and brighten the skin
Green Tea - deeply moisturizes and helps the skin stay moisturized

Texture and Convenience

Once tore open, you'll get the fabric that is folded in two and what's very noticeable is that the fabric is quite much thinner compared to other sheets I have tried before. It also absorbs less liquid due to it's thin texture so once you take it out, you can't prevent some from dripping. The first time I use one sachet, I almost tore the fabric in half while I was trying to spread the sheet onto my face. I did know better the next time though.

One good thing about it is that each cloth is well-soaked in serum that you will have plenty amount of left overs to apply sufficiently on other parts of your body like neck, arms, legs and feet! Seriously, the amount is enough to cover the whole body! Also, it is so drenched with fluids that it perfectly adhere to the skin without falling off even though I move carelessly. I do have chubby cheeks and wide forehead but the mask covers the entire skin and there's even slight excess for those with larger face shapes! The cut-outs on the eyes, nose and mouth are placed properly to allow me to move even though I have the mask on. Good job!


Scent differs depends on variant but they aren't strong enough for me to say they have funky scents. I just don't like the Tea Tree among all 7 scents.


To be honest, I did not notice any significant differences on what they do to my skin each night. They are all very hydrating, brightening but yields different levels of stickiness and moisture. Some feels awfully sticky and greasy; others are tolerably moisturizing. We all have different skin type so if you are choosing masks, choose the variant that will best suit your skin's current state. If you are more on the oily side and is breaking out, keep in mind to only get the ones that will feel light on the skin--those that are infused with ingredients known not to trigger excess sebum production. Rose, Green Tea and Tomato have the thinnest consistency for me. If you are suffering from dry patches, try the ones that are more hydrating such as the Shea Butter variant.

If you are not particular with how they feel on the skin like me-- who prefers the ones that are mostly found in amazing skin care products, here's a tip you might want to take into consideration. Leave the mask for a good 10 minutes, grab a clean tissue paper and pat it on your skin to absorb excess serum OR sit in front of the air conditioner or fan and let it air dry OR do both. You can also leave the sheet on for how long you like until it's almost dried out and then rinse with water. Your skin will still feel hydrated without too much stickiness. It works for me!

Here's me wearing the mask. Sorry for the face lol.

These mask sheets feel so refreshing on the skin once applied. It instantly eases away day's stress and make my overall complexion looking much healthier and glowing especially after waking up. The good thing about it is that even though I was sleeping for 7 days with slightly greasy face and heavy moisturizer on, I wasn't left with face full of zits or terrible reactions. They did not clog my skin which other affordable mask sheets did. My skin feels plump and I feel like I don't need any more moisturizer for the next few days.


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