Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Clean Your Brushes The Easiest Way Ever ft. Naked Glory Makeup Brush Cleaner

Naked Glory Makeup Brush Cleaner
Bought for: Free | SRP: P295/100g and P175/50g
From: Naked Glory Organics

Here's a review to a product that will certainly answer all makeup lover's woes when in comes to cleaning their brushes! I am pretty sure we all enjoyed cleaning our brushes after we used them for painting our faces. However, it could still be a pain in the ass cleaning them until we find a really efficient and hardworking product that makes a 30-minutes cleaning session down to 10. If it's not taking you that long, how do you make sure your brushes are completely free from bacteria? Spoiler alert: this product pretty much do the job with just 5 easy steps--wet, swirl, lather, rinse, dry--and you'll think, that's it? Yup!

Claims (as per Beautymnl)

An all-natural solid cleanser for your hardworking brushes and sponges.  Formulated with nourishing ingredients including argan oil, virgin coconut oil, and goat milk; mild solution is gentle on brushes and your skin; melts away makeup, dirt, and oils to leave tools sparkling clean and soft. Preventing skin irritation caused by chemically cleaned beauty tools.


Product came in in this simple opaque white jar with a large opening so you can easily swirl your brushes inside. It looks nice and decent for me as it displays all necessary information about the brush cleanser itself. The expiration date is printed on the bottom part and has a shelf life of at least a year. It does not bother me as I know it would long be gone before it reaches its expiration date. That's very usual for products you're really liking a lot, right? You see nothing else but it! (lol)

Texture and Ease of Use

The product has this milky white shade, looks like candle on the jar, melts easily with water and turns hard when air dried. If you put water on the container and swirl a brush on, it quickly produces suds and instantly separates makeup from your brushes that you don't even need to touch the bristles and clean it yourself. You'll definitely see the water changes in color to that of your foundation. But of course, if you want your brushes to be extra clean, you can hand wash it for as long as you want or spray some disinfectant once the brushes dry up but believe me, I don't think that's even necessary. Check the picture down below and see how it can save you so much time and effort by just swirling!


This product is really effective in cleaning brushes effortlessly. It is loaded with Argan Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil and Tea Tree Oils which, apart from their numerous skin care benefits, softens makeup and makes it easier to slide off from the bristles and disinfect them. Just think of cleansing oils which attracts oils and dirt, making your skin clean and fresh afterwards. That explains why Naked Glory Makeup Brush Cleaner cleanses our brushes in super quick ways! It is also infused with essential oils for that subtle nice scent that lingers. See how my brush looks so clean and fragrant with just a few swirls!

Overall Thoughts

Naked Glory Makeup Brush Cleaner is just so worth it and I'm not seeing any reason why you shouldn't give it a try. For only less than P300, you get a huge tub with 100g of cleaner inside and could last you a very long time. I don't say that you should ditch your expensive makeup brush cleaners for this but if you are into saving up without compromising quality and effectiveness, this is surely a highly recommended product for you. It works at par with other expensive makeup cleaners (I've tried a few samples before) and in fact, more convenient to use because all you need is, again, WET, SWIRL, LATHER, RINSE AND DRY.


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