Thursday, November 23, 2017

Coastal Scent's Biggest Sale of The Year! (Black Friday Deals Up to 80% off)

Have you heard of Coastal Scents? To be honest, it was an alien brand to me until I saw a blogger posted a brief information about Coastal Scent's biggest sale of the year in participation to the famous Black Friday. Without second thought, (and while I'm on a shopping ban, oh goodness, kill me now for I can't keep my word!), I visited the site and I was totally blown off with the huge selection of makeups at very affordable prices. The pops of color reminded me of high-end palettes like Urban Decay and Too Faced. I activated Google and immediately scan a few good reviews about them and the inner shopaholic in me just automatically started to unveil. The 50-80% discount made some products go down to merely a dollar and who could resist that!?

This is my very first purchase from U.S. and I took the help of My Shopping Box which is a third party courier that delivers straight to doorstep. I just don't like dealing with customs so I'm good with paying a little extra. I'm a little nervous though whether or not I will be able to receive my orders from Coastal Scents (first time scenarios) so I did limit my expenditures to a little bit over $50 + shipping fee just in case. And with the amount, who would believe I got myself more than 20 pieces of face and shadow brushes! Wait for my haul. ;)

Meanwhile, if you are planning to take advantage of this very rare promotions, visit for the complete list of products. Believe me you'll get overwhelmed by the amazing choices they offer! Start the holiday shopping now while you still can! Promo ends on November 28, 2017 and while stocks last!  Happy thanksgiving!


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