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Human Heart Nature Tinted Lip Balm in Flame Tree Review

Human Heart Nature Tinted Lip Balm in Flame Tree
Bought for: Sale at P80 | SRP: P100
Bought from: Human Heart Nature

Here's a brief review on Human Heart Nature Tinted Lip Balm in Flame Tree which I have been loving for quite a while. You know very much how I was born with super sensitive lips that is prone to chapping and I could easily count in one hand which products worked overtime and did not cause any further damages to it. This featured product right here, by far, is the best tinted lip balm I have tried in my life. I regretted doubting it as first because I usually compare them with lipsticks which are extremely drying. The only difference is that the former has added moisture factor. But! This tinted lip balm right here is so much more. I was not sponsored by anyone to review or gush about this and I bought it with my own money. Now, it turns out to be my go-to lip balm and tint in one!

Very promising ingredients! Claims to be 100% natural!

Description as per
  • A hint of color. 
    Swipe on a moisturizing sheer tint for quick fixes on the go. Get fab in seconds: no mirror needed!
  • Feel-good nourishment. 
    This blend of cocoa butter, beeswax and all-natural plant oils keeps your lips soft and moisturized through the day.
  • Actual color register may vary depending on the pigmentation of your lips.
  • Did You Know? Cocoa butter's melting point is around 34-38°C, which is close to your normal body temperature. Because it melts upon contact with your lips, its emollient and moisturizing properties get absorbed into your skin easier.


This product comes in three fun variants: Pink Orchid (pink), Island Kiss (coral) and Flame Tree  (red). They all comes in the traditional bullet-type sticks and has a good amount of product inside  (4g). It displays all necessary information such as the list of ingredients, expiry date and other proof of authenticity. I like that the product is very handy and because I need it every now and then, I make sure to tuck it inside the pockets of my jeans or polo and I'm good to go! No mirror needed as it's mistake proof!

Texture, Pigmentation and Ease of Application

This product has a creamy consistency, glides easily on the lips without tugging and gives a very subtle pop of color of the lips. When you try to look closely, there's tiny glitters and shimmers on it but isn't noticeable once you have it on you lips. Good thing 'cause I am never a fan of glittered lip products. I like shimmery stuff but not on my lips lol. It also feels comfortable as it has a minty effect that's kind of refreshing and does not feel heavy on the lips. This is the darkest shade among all 3 variants and looks solid red from the tube but it only gives a very sheer color once  applied. I like it this way because I am someone who prefers natural-looking makeup that are not overwhelming. However, if you picked Flame Tree with high expectation on its pigmentation, I'll tell you now that you'll be disappointed as the color payoff looks way too far from its shade on the tube and goes away easily. And since this is already the darkest shade, I assume that the rest has a very sheer pop of colors as well. Still, I love that they are wearable enough for daily use.


I have been eyeing nude lipstick since it became on trend but wasn't able to splurge for one because my lips are very sensitive to traditional or liquid lipsticks and I'm afraid I'll just waste money for them. Little did I know that the nudish tint (although claimed to be red) from this lip balm will satisfy me with a good shade that matches my skin tone while slowly doing the 'repair' on my dry puckers. The combination of all effective emollients like Castor, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Oil, etc. are effective enough to heal my chapped lips and reduce the look of hyper pigmentation. Use it together with the Sunflower Lip Miracle in Mint and Peppermint Lip Scrub and you will notice that the combination is powerful enough to lighten dark lips and make it soft and supple with less creases! One con though is that this product's moisture does not last very long and that a lot of reapplication daily is recommended to achieve significant effect. I don't mind running out every after few months since their price point fits my budget!

I am now having good impressions with Human Heart Nature Products and now am looking forward to try more from them! I highly recommend their lip products for everyone! Very worth the money, I tell you. Anyway, have you tried this product already? Loved it? No? Let's talk down below!


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