Saturday, November 4, 2017

Manila Sundance Bazaar At World Trade Center (October 27-29, 2017)

If you love going to bazaars, it's impossible that you haven't heard of Manila Sundance Bazaar. I was kind of reminiscent about the old days (well, not so old), when my college friends and I usually go and shop until we drop during the bazaar. We would even take advantage of online giveaways wherein we could win free tickets, P500 coupons and a lot more for MSB.

Last October, I really did not intend to go because I'm too indolent to work my way to Pasay from Makati after my shift even if the distance was barely a mile. But since I came across the ongoing giveaway on Instagram where few winners will be chosen to bring home a gift pack loaded with Jergens stuff, I decided to join out of fun and a few hours later, lo and behold, I was declared as one of the winners! I immediately decided to go last Sunday and brought no more than P500. This is because I was on a shopping ban (after my massive shopping at Sephora) and I promise not to splurge anymore until the next year. Well. I sort of was able to control myself and only got the hair ties from one of the kiosks.

The whole place looked really busy and I wished I was able to take some pictures of the bazaar but I forgot my DSLR and my phone's not working. There were a lot of people there who were surely doing pre-holiday shopping but I'm skipping mine 'cause not only I splurged at Sephora last time they went on sale, I also bought myself and my youngest brother new phones which left me oh-so-seriously-broke. It was tempting, almost irresistible to spend some moolah over the sale that was going on in front of me but I need to hold it in or I will just hate myself for being so impractical now that Christmas is coming.

Anyway, since you know how I love Jergens lotions, I was really ecstatic to bring home these goodies, after all, I'm running out of my current Jergens lotion in Hydrating Coconut. By the way, aside from all the stuff on the picture (lotions, soap, magazine, hair ties) , I also received a Jergens pouch which my mom kept right after I went home lol. It was satisfying doing some window shopping and I'm looking forward to the next Manila Sundance Bazaar at World Trade Center!


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