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Mario Badescu Drying Cream Review (It Stinks But Works!)

Mario Badescu Drying Cream
Bought for: included in a kit | SRP: P1,002
Bought from: Sephora Philippines

I already tried and reviewed two products of Mario Badescu--Mario Badescu Drying Lotion and Drying Mask--both of which, I must say, are effective in shrinking surfaced breakouts on the face. Now, there's this last product left un-reviewed and it's the Mario Badescu Drying Cream included in the Mario Badescu Acne Repair Kit.

When I first bought the kit (just thinking of how much I will get to save than getting them in their individual retail prices), I was a little bit overwhelmed 'cause why do I need lots of 'drying' products in just one skin care routine? The kit seriously lacks what is very much needed such as a good moisturizer or sunscreen. Instead of being smarter, they curated it just like that and probably left an impression that this kit is for drying the entire skin.

My apologies though. After using the kit for quite some time, I figured out how each of them are meant to do something special. Although I still wished it came with a good moisturizer for the entire face 'cause even those with oily skin like me need it badly. Anyway, onto the review...

Here's what it claims according to Mario Badescu site...

Our Drying Cream is specially designed to help shrink the appearance of pimples and small, under-the-surface bumps. This unique product is formulated with Sulfur and Zinc Oxide to clarify skin, drawing out pore-clogging impurities as a soothing blend of Aloe Vera, Biotin, Lemon Extract, Lysine, and Vitamins B and E helps ensure that skin remains balanced.

And here's what it say on the Sephora website...

Drying Cream is made with potent antibacterial agents which prevent acne from spreading. It targets the root cause of acne formation by drying out pores and minimising pimple marks. Aloe Vera also aids in natural healing by soothing the skin and keeping it moisturised. This product offers complete coverage to complement makeup while reducing redness and uneven skin tone.


Product comes in an opaque white jar with an inner seal. It looks like the packaging of the drying mask but is travel-friendlier in size with 7g of product inside. Just like other products in this type of packaging, it can be troublesome for some as it's a bit unhygienic to use. You have to dip your fingers multiple times every use and that means that it can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Just always make sure to use clean hands to avoid any spoilage. Also, once the inner seal is removed, it can be a bit messy to use (especially if stored poorly) because the cream goes all the way up to the cover and could possibly leak out.

Texture, Consistency and Ease of Application

The product has a creamy consistency and has a light brown shade which is almost nude. The color makes it easier to blend with your trusted makeups. It blends in with a little effort, sometimes with tugging as you blend it on clusters of breakouts and dries quick with a little bit of stickiness. Since you are only using it on affected areas, I would say that even though this only has 7g of cream inside, I daresay it would last you months since a little goes a long, long way. Just be careful how much you apply 'cause it tends to create white cast and it seems like it sits on the skin more than it gets absorbed.


This product reeks of strong chemicals like sulfur and which lingers. Unlike other products with heavy fragrance, the scent of sulfur does not gradually goes away. If you have issues with the scent of sulfur, you'll definitely find this horrible.


Just like most Mario Badescu products, the drying cream contains loads of active ingredients that targets breakouts for a clearer complexion. While most spot treatments tend to suck out all the moisture on the skin and sometimes cause flakiness, this one take pride of having soothing blends of Aloe Vera, Biotin, Lemon Extract, Lysine, and Vitamins B and E so the skin will remain moisturized. I am currently experiencing breakouts and I have clusters of it on my forehead, cheek and jaw area, well, pretty much everywhere and I just applied a very small amount on those areas every morning to disinfect and it doesn't cause my the rest of my skin to dry up.

And as you all know, I am using it together with the Drying Lotion (during night time when I can endure sleeping with pink spots all over) and Drying Mask (twice or thrice a week) to hasten the drying process and the effects are very noticeable. All the breakouts I have do not proceed to bigger bumps which means that I will have smaller scars to deal with. Each time I use it though, I spread it on excessive areas near breakouts to make sure that bacteria do not spread, unfortunately, this product does not prevent them from coming. With this, I remember that this product claim to heal under surface blemishes (which seems to be a little unclear to me) but I think it connotes to future breakouts, which again, this product barely prevents. 

This product claims to conceal breakouts as well and true enough, due to its skin tone color, it reduces the redness on my face, complements foundations and it seems to brighten up the overall complexion.

Overall Thoughts

This product may seem to be priced so unfairly but once you tried this, you'll be surprised how 7g would last you months. This alone can dry up pimples effectively so I don't think you need the drying lotion and drying mask to really get rid of existing breakouts. In fact, I think each of them would work just as effective individually. In comparison to the Drying Lotion, I highly recommend it to those of you who don't like going around with white opaque spots on your face but still wanting the benefit of drying zits. However, if your concern is the scent, both of which reek strong chemical scents, but it's more tolerable if you use the Drying Lotion. Both of which are comfortable to wear though.

Have you tried Mario Badescu Drying Cream already? What are your thoughts about it?


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