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Mario Badescu Drying Mask Review

Mario Badescu Drying Mask
Bought for: included in a kit | SRP: P1,005
Bought from: Sephora Philippines

I have always suffered from breakouts since I was in grade school. There came some times when I thought I had completely got away from it, one wrong move and poof, they're back. I really thought I'd get rid of them after puberty but nope, even after using tons of beauty products, I'm still suffering from pesky zits even at, oh goodness, early 20s. Even beauty bloggers like me are no exceptions. It may be the genes, poor eating or even sleeping habits and bad skin care are primary factors.

I am currently sold with the mask trend right now and even though I never imagined I would depend on masks to dry up my existing pimples, it just happened unexpectedly. I have tried different clay masks before but nothing dried up my pimples as effective and quick as this one from Mario Badescu. I was a bit disappointed with some of MB products I've tried but this mask compensates for all the disappointments. This is probably the best among all the inclusions in Mario Badescu Acne Repair Kit.


Clarify congested, problem skin. Our powerful mask is formulated with Sulfur, Kaolin, and other natural minerals to help dry up breakouts and absorb pore-clogging impurities from the skin. Excess shine is eliminated as Calamine and Cucumber Extract provide a cooling, refreshing boost—making this mask incredibly effective at targeting troubled areas.


You can tell that the mask itself is housed in a simple, bulky jar that comes with a white seal if new. Still, I find it a bit unhygienic since you have to dip your fingers several times when in use--problems with tubs. The cover locks pretty well so it's preventing any unintentional leakage. Like other Mario Badescu products, the packaging is very simple but is loaded with tons of necessary information such as claims, ingredients, directions, etc. However, since this product is bulky, it might be such a huge pain when travelling. No worries though if you have some spare travel-size containers 'cause you can easily transfer some if you really can't go on days without this product.


The product smells so unpleasant--no it's not enough to describe how it smells--it's just so terrible. While I'm not so particular with product scents, I just can't ignore the fact that it reeks of strong horrible elements like sulfur and gas. Gas! I'm pretty sure there's no gas in the list of ingredients (lol) but it's probably the clay components gathered from the earth which makes it that way. With religious use though, I just got used to it. I guarantee that those who are sensitive to strong scents will find this product very unlikely.

Texture, Consistency and Ease of Application

The product comes in ashy color and has a bit of a bouncy texture like it has some properties of jelly. It's hard to really explain but it goes smoothly on skin without any effort. It's a bit messy to apply but it rinses well. Also, a little of it goes a long way. Once applied, you'll feel some very tiny granules which is quite useful as it can also double up as scrub on your face.


Even though it smells very unpleasant, I had to endure it until the mask completely dries up to maximize the result. I'm pretty sure you all know the drill in terms of application but let me tell you how I use this product. I keep using it twice to thrice every week to hasten the drying process, letting it sit on my skin for as long as I can. And just while it dries up existing pimples, it also dries up the skin big time--the reason why I don't recommend it to those who are suffering from parched pelts. I just can't imagine how those with dry skin react to using this mask. It's a given that I have oily skin but whenever I use this, it just felt so dry and matte, thus, the great need for moisture after bath.

This product is composed mainly of Kaolin Clay which is known to soak up excess oils on the skin which surprisingly what makes it a really good steal for me. Even though it is drying, I like the fact that it makes my skin matte longer and appears to be a lot clearer. It also has Calamine and Sulfur that soothes the skin, prevent infections and breakouts. Aside from these, this mask has loads of other ingredients that are intended for pimple-prone and oily skin like me. Despite all the powerful ingredients it's made of, this mask feels so gentle on skin--not once did I feel any tingling sensation while I have it on. There was no redness, itchiness, peeling, whatsoever.

Overall Thoughts

This mask didn't dry up pimples overnight but I'm glad to tell you that it effectively reduces breakouts with each use. If the skin care rule just not forbids, I would have use this mask twice daily for faster results! Kidding aside, follow the instructions carefully 'cause too much may not do well for you! Keep this in mind. No miracles happen overnight, girls, so you really have to be consistent and patient when doing your smarter routine. This mask may be a little heavy on the pocket at first but it would last you a long, long time. If you have oily skin like mine, it's time to control sebum production and breakouts right now!


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