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Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion Review

Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion
Bought for: Sale price | SRP: P1,233/236ml
Bought from: Sephora Philippines

Last month, I did purchase Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit, with five products as an inclusion, in the hope that I'll get clearer skin that's free from terrible zits and blemishes I have since time immemorial. It is, by far, my priority right now since I bought new makeups and know that they would only apply perfectly, that is, if I start with good skin care. I did not imagine myself saying this, but I am a living proof how a little bit on the high end skin care is not always an excellent skin care. Sometimes, more affordable ones work just as nice or even better. Spoiler alert, this toner did not do much on my skin.

Description, Directions, Ingredients

Claims (as per Mario Badescu)

Ideal for oily, troubled skin, our Special Cucumber Lotion offers enhanced cleansing that's one step up from our Cucumber Cleansing Lotion. This powerful formula is infused with soothing Cucumber Extract to clarify and refresh while controlling T-zone shine. Pore-clogging impurities are swept away to help problem skin achieve a clearer-looking complexion.


I really admire how MB products are packaged in a way that they reflect what this particular skin care line is about: simplicity. All of it looks very simple, yet very neat and unique and I really appreciate it. Take this for example, the cap is very functional as you just have to lift the dispenser up and you can easily control the amount of product that you want to use. Push it down one more time and it's a guarantee that the product won't leak out. Also, the product displays all necessary information in clear fonts for better comprehension.

Texture, Consistency and Ease of Application

The color of the product reminds me of pineapple juice because of its lemon-y shade (uhm, should that remind me of lemon instead?). Anyway, the consistency is watery like other toners and has a subtle scent of alcohol. This lotion is easy to apply on the skin and leave it feeling fresh and clean without stripping off the skin's natural moisture. It dries fast as well without leaving any sticky residue which is really perfect for those with oily skin. It also leaves a cooling scent for a refreshing start of the day!


Going back to its claims, it says that it clarifies the skin which is quite true because I notice how it instantly reveals brighter skin tone. However, it does not control oil as I still oil up as quick as my face normally does. I like that it disinfects my face very gently without any stinging or irritation but it does not totally get rid of existing pimples or even prevent them from coming. On a lighter note, it does soften, hydrate and give skin a healthier glow.

Overall Thoughts

I am actually glad that I bought this together with MB kit so in a way, I get to save up a lot. I would not say that this product should cease to exist because it is not bad at all. In fact, I like that it is so gentle and clarifying. It's just that I had very high hopes with this since it's not quite inexpensive, right? I expected that it could heal my pimples and prevent breakouts and yes, even control oil, but it did not. There was nothing so special about it considering the high price point. And there were some toners in the market that are so affordable but can compete with MB Special Cucumber Lotion in terms of effectiveness.

Setting aside the price tag, I think this toner suits whatever skin type you have because it's so gentle, otherwise, you encounter allergic reactions with alcohol-based products or is not fine with it.

Let me know if you have tried Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion! Any thoughts? COmment down below!


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