Friday, November 10, 2017

Serafica PH Extreme Whitening Body Lotion with SPF45 Review

Serafica Extreme Whitening Lotion
Bought for: Free | SRP: P250/100ml
From: Serafica PH


An instant whitening body lotion with SPF 45 to protect skin from harmful UV Rays. Continuous use will reveal whiter and smoother skin. Apply on damp skin after bath and spread all over the body. Use twice a day.

I believe more or less 90% of Filipinas dreamed to have lighter skin tone and innovative products makes us a step closer to what we always wanted. We have every means of achieving lighter complexion but they always come with the questions "how effective" and "how long". If you aren't patient enough, here's a solution you might want to try to achieve instant bright skin!

Serafica PH is one of the newest booming online shop that produces organic and natural products that are FDA approved. They are focused on developing skin care products that uplifts Filipina beauty and just like me, the owner (Ms. Jyka) also believe in the beauty of natural skin without makeup.


The product is neatly packaged in a transparent tube so you get to see how the product looks like on the inside. It is so quick to dispense as the product don't get stuck and easily flows right after you squeeze the tube. It displays the claim but not the full list of ingredients as well as the expiration and manufacturing dates. I'll use it as quickly as I could just to be sure though. Since it's made up of organic and natural ingredients, I bet it has a shorter life span compared to drugstore products.

Scent, Texture and Ease of Application

The product does not have strong scent to it, just a bit faint and fresh. The color looks very creamy--it reminds me of carbonara sauce--and now I'm hungry lol. The lotion is very thin as you blend it out but isn't runny. It blends well in small amount and ON DAMP SKIN so be careful not to apply too much as it clings to the pores and is hard to blend once it dries out. It leaves a white cast on the skin and even more extreme if you have hairy legs and arms like mine. This is probably due to the high SPF content but I rather not complain as I am protected under the sun with the whopping amount of SPF 45.

Once applied, it would feel sticky on the first few minutes but eventually goes away after a few more moment so learn the art of waiting, girls. ;) If you find it hard to apply even on damp skin, we suggest that you combine it with beauty oils like grape seed or sunflower oil, the thinnest you can get for added moisture. I would say that its hydrating factor is inadequate thus the real need for beauty oils. Take note that I'm using their whitening soaps in conjunction with so I'm usually left with dry skin.


This product claims to whiten skin instantly which is obviously true (see picture above). I just can't vouch for permanent whitening though since I only consumed one tube, that's all. However, if there's sudden event that you need something to make your skin look more even toned, brighter and softer, I suggest that you give this a try. I think it's worth the price as well since it takes quite time before you finish one tube. And after all, you need just an ample amount for your whole body. Since I'm using it all over my body (just not the face), it did not cause me any irritation at all--no 'backnes', no redness and other sorts of adverse reaction. It's definitely for all skin types! Use it together with Insta Glam and Insta Glam Plus Soaps and Strawberry Milkshake Body Scrub for best results!

Let me know if Serafica PH Extreme Whitening Body Lotion with SPF45 interests you!


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