Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Serafica PH Insta Glam and Insta Glam Plus Soaps Review

Insta Glam and Insta Glam Plus Soaps
Bought for: Free| SRP: P120 and P130
From: Serafica PH

Here's a brief review on the two best-selling bars of Serafica PH which I have used (and consumed) for a month's period. For better results, I did try these soaps using Serafica body products such as the Extreme Whitening Lotion and Strawberry Milkshake Body Scrub which are all intended for lightening the skin tone.

Both soaps are actually smaller in size than regular soaps in which they are cut in square cubes instead of the rectangular ones. The colors are very opaque (white and yellow) and the packaging is very simple yet the overall design including fonts is somewhat attractive. I don't have any idea where all these thoughts came from but all these properties made them look so promising, at least to me.

In terms of scent, the Insta Glam Plus Soap wins. It smells very creamy and delightful, I am sometimes tempted to munch on it lol. The Insta Glam Soap didn't have any strong scent to it though. Both of it imparts a creamy lather on the skin which made them feel luxurious when being applied. They remind me of Dove soaps that feels so moisturizing on skin despite their whitening claim. Most soaps of this kind are drying, but not these from Serafica which earned them another plus.

Both soaps lasted me for a good one month of religious use (twice a day to be specific). I don't have any sufficient proof which one performed the better 'cause I was using each of them in conjunction with the other. What I noticed the most significant though is the fact that my skin looks really radiant and healthy everyday. In terms of permanent lightening, I still have that perfectly uneven skin tone which I know wouldn't go away that easily. It would take more patience and more whitening products to get rid of them.

Even though I cut the cubes into smaller sizes to prolong their lives, I can say that the Insta Glam Soap melts more easily than the Insta Glam Plus. Nevertheless, both of which endure being on wet place for a bit long period of time without turning squashy.

Insta Glam Plus Soap claims to whiten skin with peeling, but nope, no noticeable peeling happened after a month's use which is but fine with me. I don't want basking under the sun every time I commute 'cause peeling makes skin more sensitive to the sun and more prone to getting dark. I like how they just simply function: being affordable and effective in making skin look bright and healthy without over-drying the skin.

Overall, I think these soaps are really worth every try. Seriously, they feel luxurious on the skin and works well with other Serafica body products! They don't irritate the skin and do not cause 'backnes' which is another thing to love! Lather it while you scrub and rinse of with really soft and smooth skin like baby's butt!

*Note: I didn't use them on my face but I've read that they provide micropeeling effect on the skin.


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