Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Serafica PH Strawberry Milk Shake Body Scrub Review

Strawberry Milkshake Body Scrub
Bought for: Free | SRP: P175
From: Serafica Philippines

After trying out Serafica’s body products, I’m slowly working my reviews on each of them while I still have the time. I even dropped my today’s work schedule to catch up with my long queue of to-review products. Not that I want you to thank me lol. I just feel like being so workaholic makes me forget what I really love doing: to write, inspire and share to awesome people whatever I have. So in this post, I am going to tackle about Serafica Strawberry Milkshake Body Scrub which I used in conjunction with my Insta Glam and Insta Glam Plus Soaps and Extreme Whitening Lotion. Check out my previous reviews about them if you still haven’t!


Strawberry Milkshake Body Scrub comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a twist cap and is designed with chic and girly patterns and fonts which looks so cute! It even looks and smells yummy with the cotton balls which is part of the overall packaging. The milky strawberry scent is the bomb and I can’t help putting my nose on the crater each time I use it during bath.

One bottle contains 250g of scrub which is sufficient enough for months’ use considering that you only need a meager amount and it’s not as if you use it every single day. Don’t! You’re doing more harm than good on your skin!

Texture and Ease of Application

Just like what I have said, the scrub looks so yummy with the blend of milk and strawberry scrub. You have the option to mix them by shaking the bottle, or leave them as is. When you look closer, it has bits of strawberry seeds and salt which help in scrubbing away rough spots and reveal a smoother complexion. Do take note that salt scrubs are a bit abrasive so make sure to only scrub with light hands to avoid scratching the skin.

This scrub is easy to apply. I just lather the Insta Glam and Insta Glam Plus Soap and grab a handful amount of this scrub and massage it all over in gentle, circular motion. Once all the salt has melted, that signals that I have to rinse everything and my skin felt super soft and smooth afterwards with the lingering scent of milk and strawberry.


I really like Serafica Strawberry Milk Shake Body Scrub because it exfoliates my skin and makes it soft and smooth. It is also hydrating with its milk content and somewhat gives skin a healthy glow. It just does its job pretty well, that's it. I can say that this scrub suits whatever skin type you have as it does not irritate the skin. Although, salt scrubs are not really for the face as it could sting, especially if you are someone like me who have lots of breakouts. So be careful on that matter.

If you are looking for affordable body scrubs that will last you months, I highly suggest you try this one from Serafica. It's worth it!


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