Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Celeteque Dermo Science Hydration Facial Moisturizer With Triple Moisturizing System Review

Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Facial Moisturizer
Bought for: Sale at -P100| SRP: P140
Bought from: Unilab on Shopee

I'm pretty sure we've all heard about this famous Celeteque Dermo Science Hydration Facial Moisturizer being one of the cult-favorites in terms of consistency and hydration. I, myself, have to witness how this surprisingly affordable product can make a difference on my super oily and pimple-prone skin. Knowing Celeteque since I was in high school, I'm pretty much aware that their products are all hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, thus gentle on all and even on sensitive skin. I don't think other Celeteque products from their skin care line work at par with other gentle skin food from Cetaphil or Physiogel (based on experience), but I consider this moisturizer right here a cut above the rest. Spoiler alert: I'm in loved with it and I think repurchase will be very much necessary!


Just like most Celeteque products, it comes in a very simply-made type of packaging--in a squeezy-type tube and contains necessary information such as claims and expiry and manufacturing dates. The list of ingredients is written on its accompanying box which I threw away a long time ago for it was severely squashed during transit. Overall, I like the packaging for it is hygienic to use and is travel-friendly.

Texture, Consistency and Ease of Application

The product comes in a transparent hydrogel formulation that blends easily with very minimal to no effort. It feels very watery (of course it's water-based lol) and light that sometimes I'm thinking I'm only putting water but with a bit of hydration. It dries matte on the skin and you won't even feel you have something on. This is indeed very suitable for someone like me who has oily skin and who does not need the greasy film heavy moisturizers give. On top of that, the scent is barely noticeable, therefore, it's perfect to those who are very sensitive to fragrances.


This moisturizer feels so lightweight but effectively gives superior hydration with its 'triple moisturizing system'. I am a bit confused with this claim at first, so I utilized Mr. Google and its says that it contains Glycerin, Provitamin B5 and Aloe Vera that work deep down to provide lasting relief from skin's dryness. Truth be told, even those who are born with oily skin tend to have dry patches too (mainly from using different harsh skin care products that skin may tend to react negatively). Therefore, a product that would give enough hydration without triggering sebum production is needed to compensate. And I recommend this product to answer all your woes! No wonder, my skin feels so soothed, supple and healthy after every use.

Another thing I find so amazing with this product is the fact that it can be layered under makeup without cake-y problems. It didn't break me out too but it also isn't working hard to prevent pimples from coming which I am very forgivable about, otherwise I'd get really disappointed had it been  stated as one of its claims. I have nothing against its hydrating power but those with dry skin may opt to use other heavy-duty moisturizers in conjunction.

Overall Thoughts

With continuous use, I can say that my skin looks a lot brighter and better in terms of texture. I did not completely get rid of all existing breakouts yet but they are getting smaller in numbers and it seems to help reduce blemishes and acne scars too. For only P140, you get a tube with 50ml of products and that is already enough to last you more than a month. Lightweigh moisturizers like this is perfect for our humid air and is definitely a skin savior of my oily skin! Highly recommended and will definitely repurchase!


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