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Choosing The Best Shipping Couriers In The Philippines

Most of the people who know me can freely conclude that I love shopping online. Not just that, I also sell pre-loved stuff with the preference of shipping rather than meetups. Of course, who can stand meet a seller who's kinda nocturnal (I mean sleeping in the morning; working hard at night). There are a lot of local couriers in the Philippines claiming to have fast and reliable services--some of them comes with affordable prices but for others, you really have to pay extra bucks to avail their services. Being in the online business for two years or so, believe me, I have so much experience with different shipping couriers in the Philippines.

Here in this blog, I only limited my review on the popular ones that many of us are using when shipping items or preferred to use when purchasing online. Also, I just included some of the couriers I have already tried and tested so I can fairly judge them. But do take note, there's a few more left undiscovered.

1. Abest Express

Abest Express offers domestic and international shipping services and you can drop off your parcel at any of their branches or call them to schedule a pickup at your convenience. One thing I don't like about them is that they don't provide pickup forms on their website which I very much prefer 'cause their lines tend to become busy for a long time. Also, their shipping rates are not accurate. You'll be surprised you have to pay extra for something you didn't expect. I remember one time when I was suppose to return a parcel (only a dress!) on a shop and I was being charge P145 by the rider! Shipping takes 2-3 days for metro and more or less 7 days for provincial.

2. LBC

I tried using LBC for remittances and had no problems at all but I don't prefer the courier service, to be honest. I mostly use the services of LBC integrated for my account in Shopee 'cause they provide 50% off for P250 worth of purchase and above and completely free shipping for over P500 and above. Services via Shopee are a bit problematic 'cause shipping is unpredictable and most of the time it's past the promised duration. For example, I ordered 2 parcels last November 17 (paid the same day) and none of them arrived until now (December 02, 2017). If you do transactions with LBC outside Shopee, shipping fees are actually much higher compared to other couriers but shipping is faster since it does not involve scheduling of pickups for you can easily drop by LBC stores, leave the parcels on their authorized agents and make sure that your items are in good hands. There are lots of LBC branches nationwide for your convenience--one of their advantages. Although I did not experience any problems in terms of failure in deliveries, I still think other couriers are much better than LBC in terms of price and shipping.

3. Fastrack

Fastrack is one of the courier services that provide that most affordable shipping fees whether your parcel is destined for Metro Manila or selected provincial locations. However, they are the worst in terms of picking up parcels at your doorstep. I had an experience before when I get into fight with a buyer just because there were several failed pickups that happened and I'm supposed to ship a hair curler that only fits a large pouch. I know I will only have to pay P75 for Fastrack for shipping to Laguna but ended up spending P170 for Xend instead. This was my number 1 choice of courier before they let me down.

4. Ninja Van

Ninja Van is a courier that also serves Asian countries aside from the Philippines and offer domestic shipping. I don't have much information on how Ninja Van works outside Shopee transactions but I enjoyed using it for they offer free shipping with only P250 worth of purchases online. Also, their website is very user-friendly so scheduling a pickup for Shopee orders are super easy. You'll get e-mail updates about the status of orders as well. If you are a seller on Shopee, I suggest you sign up for Ninja Van because it lets your buyers enjoy free shipping just by spending P250 on your items. Although approval is subject to availability.

One thing I noticed is that shipping is kinda tricky for it does not allow pickups that are outside Shopee transactions. Information about their shipping rates are not posted as well.

5. Xend

Xend is one of the couriers I trust and preferred for provincial orders because it gives my buyers the best price for shipping rates and handling. Riders arrive on time for pickups and give a user-friendly app that lets you schedule pickups or cancel it anytime. They are affiliated with Cliqq Express and partnered with selected 7-11 stores. If you don't prefer pickups at you house, you can easily drop off the items at any 7-11 store and they will be scheduled for shipping the next day if you don't make it to their cut-off. I just had few buyers before with provincial locations who confessed that they don't like Xend because it takes time for deliveries to arrive. For Metro Manila, however, it just takes 1-3 days for deliveries.

Note: They have surcharge fee of P10 for holidays.

6. Black Arrow Express

I think Black Arrow serves e-commerce sites and cargo shipments only as of now. I use Black Arrow for orders on Shopee and it just takes time before you get to receive your order. Shipping fee is affordable for it's only P50 but if you are not very patient, you can opt of LBC or LBC Integrated or any available couriers accepted by the seller. However, I appreciate that Black Arrow notify you on the day of the delivery that a rider will drop off your orders so you will be prepared.

7.  JRS Express

This is also one of the most trusted couriers by a lot including me. They offer next day delivery which is perfect to those who needs their items shipped as soon as possible. My parcels always arrives on time and are safe inside. However, I'm not just that willing to pay for the shipping fee 'cause it's almost at par with LBC and anyway, I can wait for my parcels anytime. Also, they require you to drop off the parcel at their branches (they have a lot nationwide) which is not so convenient for some who are located far away from one of their branches.

8. Zoom Courier

Zoom courier offers fast and reliable service just like Xend and JRS Express especially for Metro Manila orders. You can actually schedule pickups on their website and they would inform you as soon as they successfully assigned a rider to pickup your items at home. You're not waiting in vain with Zoom! Most of the time, buyers receive what they bought from me the next day after pickup. You can also easily track the parcel online and they notify you whenever your items already reach their destination. They also keep track of how many parcels are successfully delivered. And what's so great about Zoom is that their shipping rates starts for as low as P40!

9.  Grab Express

Grab Express is preferable for those who wants their items delivered on the same day without minding the cost of shipping 'cause basically, you'll have to pay around the amount you're normally paying when you're riding a grab car or a taxi. Still, this is a very smart way for express shipping.

Now...which ones do I highly recommend?

I highly recommend Zoom Courier, Xend and JRS Express. These are my top couriers in terms of service and affordability of rates and I always rely on them for shipping parcels and even when receiving from sellers where I bought some stuff from. Fortunately, none of these couriers failed me and I feel like items are really secured in their hands.

Disclosure: Reviews are based on personal experience and may vary for each and everyone's depends on a lot of factors like location, budget, etc.


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