Sunday, December 31, 2017

Ending 2017 With New Goals

A few minutes before 2018 starts...

And here I am contemplating whether or not I publish this post because I can't figure out where to start or what to say. My heart is overflowing with emotions that I can't seem to let go of my life in 2017. It was full of happiness and heartbreaks, endings and beginnings, experiences and regrets...but here I am, again, moving forward, determined to make my 2018 a better year.

A few minutes before 2018 starts...

Can you allow me a moment to express my sincerest thanks to whoever has been a part of it? To my family, whom I stayed with all my life, who never left and will never be, who motivates me most to work hard and dream big. To my one true love, who's my perfect opposite, my best companion, my past, my present and future, the only man who understands and supports me. It's funny how I still have you despite all my flaws and imperfections. Thank you for saying I'm worth it. To my friends who love and cherish me, who think I'm nice and believe what I don't. To Gold Almighty: I've never been this grateful for all the blessings you showered me, for giving me all these people as my strength whenever I'm falling apart. I'm sorry for all the times I disappoint you, but I'll always live for you no matter what.

A few minutes before 2018 starts...

Let me set some new goals--okay, this might break the silence--but I promise to change all my bad habits including my spending habits, to aim for productivity and excellence all the time, to have a strong heart to take a risk, to improve in every aspect and to just live a life I wanted.

Now, I'm ready to bid my 2017 good bye. You have been so awesome.

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