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New K-Beauty Product: Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone Up Whitening Milky Cream Review

Seoul White Korea Tone Up Whitening Milky Cream
Bought for: Free with points | SRP: P299/20g
Bought from: Sample Room

Why is it that Korean products so inventive with skin care? Just recently, I learned about tone-up creams, why they are called that way, how they are supposed to function, without even realizing I have encountered quite a lot of them since I was on my teenage years. I have already tried lots of K-beauty moisturizers that does more than moisturizing and hydrating the skin: their primary function is more on faking that bright, white complexion. Most of them comes in opaque white creamy texture that, if your have fair skin to begin with, can enhance brightness and balance skin tone which is what tone-up in Korean lingo means. I have to highlight that phrase because I find that creams like this are insanely tricky to apply--some of them might appear either awkward or natural if you're lucky. Another good example of a tone-up cream is this new Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone-Up Whitening Milky Cream which I just got from Sample Room.

Active Ingredients

This product contains a combination of three (3) potent whitening ingredients: Arbutin Bearberry (Korea's new Kojic Acid and is responsible for skin's pigmentation), White Strawberry (works in protecting the skin against sun's harmful rays and buffing away dead skin cells) and Donkey Milk (works to nourish and moisturize the skin), together with numerous ingredients working together to achieve a Korean glow.


Housed in a slender squeeze-type tube with a combination of pink and white theme, I find that it's really chic and travel-friendly. The slim nozzle is hygienic to use and dispenses the right amount of product easily. It also displays all necessary information such as the ingredients, claims, directions a expiry dates--so those who is very curious about the product itself will definitely get something from it.

Texture, Consistency, Ease of Application

Just like most Korean tone-up creams, it comes in this opaque white whip-like texture with a subtle sweet scent. Although the cream is lightweight, there might be some tugging when you try to blend it on your face as it dries easily and the white cast is just really a pain to get rid of. This product gives off a semi-matte finish so it's friendly even to those with oily skin and to those who loves a bit of illumination without dewiness, stickiness or heavy feeling.


We all know that an almond-size amount of moisturizer is recommended to get that long-term hydration we need to combat dryness and dullness of the skin. However, I tend to limit my use into a very small dollop for the cream tends to sit on my brows and hairline and can accentuate dry patches on the side corner of my nose and mouth. Also, I don't recommend that you apply a generous amount for it creates a strong white cast due to high content of Titanium Dioxide (for brightening and sun protection). An ample amount is already enough to see that instant glow the product claims to provide. I also like the fact that sits very comfortably on the skin and does not move or crease the makeup. Since it dries matte, I think those with dry skin will find it harder to blend and heavy duty moisturizer might be necessary.

Overall Thoughts

This product is worth a try. It does not give me that wow factor but I find it economical to use. It's perfect if you are hiding the fact that you didn't have enough sleep or that if you opt for a no-makeup makeup look. It helps brighten skin overtime thought not very significant for I have used it only for 3 weeks. The best thing about it is that it didn't break me out so I'm thinking of repurchasing.


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