Sunday, December 3, 2017

November 2017 Favorites

So I have noticed that I'm not sharing with you, girls, my top picks for each month. I'm starting anew so here are the products which proudly made it to my November favorites! I will just give a brief summary about each of them and will discuss more of them in detailed posts soon.

1. Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder

I didn't think I would like a baby powder this much. There's been an ongoing debate about whether or not talc powders are safe for everyday use. And while I've been dousing Johnson's Baby Powder since I was a newborn, it feels safer if I just settle for something like this which keeps my skin as smooth as a baby's bum and matte with only a very sheer coverage.

2. Seoul Skin Kiss and Blush Tint

This product is manufactured in Korea but is quite popular with beauty enthusiasts here in the Philippines. To be honest, this isn't the most pigmented tint I have ever tried nor close to one but I like how the subtle flush of color makes it a perfect fit for my every day natural look.

3. Maybelline Matte Poreless Foundation in Warm Nude

Having been born with large pores and oily skin, I'm always in the lookout for well-raved foundations that are suitable for those who are struggling with severe sebum production. This foundation blends easily and dries matte on my skin and I love how buildable the coverage can be. It oxidizes just like most foundations I have, but its lightweight texture and matte finish are something that made it stand out.

4. The Face Shop Designing Brows in Gray and Dark Brown

Aside from its fair price point, I like how natural it looks while carefully filling out the sparse parts of my brow. It lasts a decent amount of time on my oily face and because of that, I'm loving it!

5. Mario Badescu Drying Cream

If you haven't read my review about this product, better check it out by clicking this. I just love how it reduces the appearance of redness on my skin and dries out pimples in only a few applications. It truly stinks (some may not find the scent tolerable) but who would care if it works!

6. Makeup World Matte Lipstick in Cairo

I actually love all the shades of Makeup World matte lipsticks. Each of them are very affordable at only P150/each but the consistency and color are to die for. I find them matte but not flat and pigmentation is on top quality as well. I'm finding myself reaching for different shades of nudes to pinks every day for they are perfect to wear on a daily basis.

Anad that's it! Hope you can give these products some try! I'm loving them and who knows they might be your very own holy grail products as well!


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