Friday, December 1, 2017

Serafica PH Power White Soap Review

Serafica PH Power White Soap
Bought for: Free | SRP: P120/125g
From: Serafica PH

Here's a brief review on a product sent to me by Ms. Jyka and this is no other than Serafica PH's very own Power White Soap. To be honest, I already seen a lot of this soap in this composition (and tried them as well) which mainly looks like this: blocks of three colors in orange (Kojic), black (Bleaching Soap) and white (Glutathione). Since they are made up of powerful whitening actives, we're all supposed to think that soaps like this could finally work to lighten the skin.

If you are someone who'd like to save up from buying the soaps individually, you could at least settle for soaps like this because it can give you all the benefits of three soaps combined in just one bar. But just how effective this product is? Keep reading for my review!

The soap is neatly secured with plastic and attached to it is the information on how this product is supposed to work on the skin. It lathers well once applied and does not have any strong scent to it which is really perfect for those who are sensitive with products that are heavily-fragranced. I like that this soap cleanses the skin very well and get rid of rough spots for a softer and smoother skin without stripping off its natural moisture, that is, if rinsed immediately. If you let it stay for minutes, it could cause a little bit of itchiness--usual thing that happens when we leave our skin wet for a long time. It might also sting when used on the face so if you have sensitive skin, watch out for any adverse reactions.

I am not really into whitening these days and I don't mind using any bars of soap just as long as I wouldn't receive any breakouts on any parts of my body. This soap does not make my skin a notch lighter in complexion but it keeps my skin glowing and healthy and prevent it from getting darker. If you are to use it though, I advise that you use sunscreen post-application since using whitening products can increase skin's sensitivity to the sun--prolly one of the reason why I'm contemplating in whether or not I push through with using whitening products. Nonetheless, this soap is surprisingly gentle on the skin and with religious use, it can give your skin that radiant white glow you've always wanted.

This soap retails for P120 for a big chunk of bar and is available at @seraficaph on instagram.


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