Saturday, December 30, 2017

White To Black Sephora Membership Status: What Are The Perks?

I have always been an enthusiast of loyalty programs just for the fact that it will give me benefits, virtual or concrete cards to collect (yes, lol) and a chance to reach a whole new level of awesome perks such as access to exclusive sales and private discounts. Truth be told, I wasn't paying attention to this before when I decided to create a Sephora account. I was just thinking of doing window shopping and stalk how much a cult-fave, high-end foundation could cost me. It made a really big deal when they had this sale last October 2016 wherein White members get 15% off the total purchases and Black members get a whopping 20% off instead. Had I become a Black Member prior, I could have gotten my Mario Badescu Acne Control Set (originally priced at P3350 something) at 20% off instead.

So...what did I do to become a Black Member?

Initially, you have to spend a total of P10,500 to be upgraded to Black status and P52,500 to hit Gold which I doubt I'll ever be. That means, aside from access to members-only exclusives and seasonal promotions, I get to receive an exclusive welcome gift that includes two travel bottles and a Sephora pouch and also, a specially curated birthday gift! Awww, why is my birthday still not up until the 10th month of the year! Patience, Hanna, patience.

By the way, here's the catch. You can only maintain your status by spending the required total of purchases within a year, otherwise, you will be downgraded to White once more.

I am not writing this post to encourage you to spend all the time. It's just that when you splurge, make sure you're getting something extra out of your efforts (if that makes sense lol). In totality, I was so happy I hit Black status and can't wait to shop for some of the items on my wishlist the next time they go on a site-wide sale!


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