Friday, January 5, 2018

Awesome Drugstore (Makeup) Find: Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder + Review

Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder
Bought for: Free with points | SRP: P118/50g
Bought from: Tiny Buds

Seriously, has it already been 6 days past from the first day of 2018? Hanna, where did your 'new year, new you' goals go? Sheez. I am really hating myself now for procrastinating when all I do is watch Korean dramas and nothing more. I even dare dropping my work schedules just because I'm too lazy to work! Why is it so hard work so hard at least on a January? Say today is my off and here I am--took me until 3:00 A.M. in the morning before I finally write something sensible (more like semi-sensible?) about a review on something that's, believe me, long been overdue. It's not something I have a lot to babble on but it surely is an awesome find. In fact, I never thought even for a second, I'd put a baby product in my makeup stash and keep reaching out on a daily basis. You know it, I bet, and yes, it's this Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder I got from Sample Room a few months ago.

Here's what it claims as per Tiny Buds Baby:

The internationally awarded Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder is the first baby powder made from 100% real rice grains. It is hypoallergenic and keeps baby's delicate skin fresh and dry all day. The fine rice grains are so light that they float on water, letting sweat and moisture evaporate through while keeping the skin fresh all day. 100% no talcum powder. Free from harmful preservatives. Mild Natural Scent that moms love. Prevents prickly heat. Safe for babies with skin asthma and skin eczema. Trusted by pediatricians.

I don't pretend I know much in Science but I'm pretty much aware that talcum powders are being debated as to whether or not it's safe for the body. The possible risks has reached my attention long before I started blogging, but I still opt for talc powders just for the fact that they are so convenient to use that almost everyone carry a bottle each that you probably won't run out of sources to ask for a bit when you oil up. I'm used to dousing baby powders a lot ever since I was just a baby and I haven't diagnosed with any respiratory and other linked diseases yet, so apparently talc, tagged as a carcinogen, does not bother me.

The product comes in a typical powder bottle with those tiny openings that you twist to dispense product. I just love the fact that the packaging is so transparent with information. One bottle retails for P118 which appears to me that the amount of product inside (50g) is not really proportioned to its price.  However, I'm comforted by the fact that this product is just safe without any risks at all, is something that effectively take good care of my oily skin and goes a long, long way!

With only 2 ingredients written on the list, I hardly believe that apart from the scent, I am only putting rice starch on my face but maybe it's just really plan and simple like that. Anyway, rice starch, aside from being a popular thickening agent, it really has good absorbing properties as well that helps in reducing greasiness and oil. They make the surface silky, smooth. soft, matte for a long time which is pretty much what they do on the skin and the primary reason why I find myself so into it. The white pigments are just so fine that they easily adhere to the skin without causing extreme breakouts or blocking pores. It's just so easy to apply as well either with brush or hand and... let the photo down below speak for how I was able to reduce the dewiness on my skin. It offers a sheer coverage just with the slightest bit of texture and seems to blur away skin imperfections. Lakas maka-fresh lang.

If you are really looking for a nice absorbing/setting powder to your bases that would effectively blots away excess oil and prolong makeup without you having to spend a lot, I suggest you give Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder a try. It can be a nice replacement for your talcum powders most especially if you are considering chances of being safe. I love it for my oily skin and would surely repurchase!


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