Thursday, January 11, 2018

Loreal Paris 3 in 1 Micellar Water Review

Loreal Paris 3 in 1 Micellar Water
Bought for: P150 | SRP: P250
Bought from: Lazada

I have been having troubles sleeping a complete 8 hours lately so I’m not in the proper state of mind to write reviews when I barely rested for a good 4 hours or even eat a healthy diet properly. I’m just too weak and tired and colds and cough didn’t help either. But I got to be productive and so here’s a short review about the Loreal Micellar Water I have been using lately to remove what used to be fresh makeups that just oxidized and turned greasy.

Ideally, cleansing is an essential step to effective skin care and also the primary key to prevention of bacteria and dead skin cells buildup and breakouts. I don't say cleansing does all the job but for me, I'd rather skip most skin care steps other than this. It's just so important for me that I never sleep with makeup on. Believe me, even when I don't wear makeup, which is pretty much most of the time, I still use cleansing wipes or micellar waters to get rid of dirt and oil buildup before I lather a gentle facial wash.

This is the only drugstore micellar water that I have tried apart from my favorite Leiania Micellar Eau De Fleur, P600 (one of the natural and organic products in Ms. Favia's skincare line). This is to say that I haven't had much experience with micellar waters for me to have something to compare Loreal with. The latter effectively removes makeup easily and is so gentle on the skin that I badly want to repurchase had it only been priced so affordably. Also, I don't have any idea if Leiania still has that product continuously manufactured and distributed to date. I have yet to ask Ms. Favia. Anyway, it's been a pleasure discovering another drugstore gem that I could always count on whenever I'm on a tight budget.


I skipped all through my usual review categories and just decided to squeeze in all my thoughts here just because I can't say much about the packaging except it's nothing fancy yet backed up with all necessary information a product should have. It barely reeks of anything too. Just like most micellar waters, it's literally water in every aspect.

To test how effective this product is, I use this when I had my full makeup on using a piece of cotton wool. I'm using The Face Shop Designing Eyebrow Pencil, Loreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation, Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, Cover FX Blotting Powder and Makeup Revolution Eye Palette for this look.

Using just a single cotton wool and some Loreal Paris 3 in 1 Micellar Water, I was able to remove half of my makeup as it was not obvious anymore on the picture. The mascara was really a pain to remove so I had to press the cotton wool for a few seconds on my eye area to soften the mascara first. Removing all my makeup wasn't super easy like the micellar water would blow away every residue in just a swipe but it wasn't super hard either. There was a bit of pressure and tugging and it took me two cotton wools to fully cleanse my face which is pretty much normal for makeup removers that really works.

After cleansing, my face looks really hydrated, clean and soft. There was no stinging sensation either or any negative reactions after several uses. I have been using this product once a day for three weeks now and I haven't even used up 1/4 of it which means that it can go a long way too. Do take note that I don't have much water resistant makeups and I only do full makeups occasionally so it still would depend on the amount you are using everyday.

Overall Thoughts

Loreal Paris 3 in 1 Micellar Water is a really worth a try. It's very gentle on the skin, easy to use, affordable, and would suit every skin type! I can't say anything more but definitely highly recommended and I'm looking forward to repurchase.


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