Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Hot Spice Review + Swatches

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Hot Spice
Bought for: P450 | SRP: Around $10
Bought from: an online shop

I remember me obsessing so much about blushes that  hoarded a lot in different shades from bright pinks to peaches and corals until I started either giving or selling them away because my tiny stash can't seem to accommodate everything anymore. One palette that's so near to my heart is this Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Hot Spice which is the only blush palette I decided to keep for myself until now because I just think that it has every shade of blush I need.

Claims (as per Ulta)
Makeup Revolution's Ultra Blush & Contour Palette is perfect for the professional highlighting and contouring application desired by all of us. Professional and highly pigmented, yet easy to blend, these palettes contain 8 shades of shimmer and matte blushers, merged baked blusher, and merged baked highlighter powder.
The ultimate blush palette offering you 8 exclusive and unique shades to suit any occasion
Shades can be used individually or combined to create the shade that you want
Set in a mirrored compact for touch ups on the go
Hot Spice: Rusty neutrals and pinky peaches smolder with intensity in this spicy collection.


The product comes in a sleek black palette with gold carvings displaying the brand and its name. When you pull it open, you will see a large compact mirror inside that's about the size of the palette itself. Don't you just find it awesome? Overall, the packaging does not look cheap and feels so sturdy too. It's also perfect for travelling because you get 8 shades in just one compact!


Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette comes in 2 palettes namely Hot Spice and Sugar and Spice. I had a hard time choosing which one to get to be honest. Sugar and Spice has all the prettiest shades of pink blushes you can't think of and it makes me think it would really make me look so fresh when I wear them. Hot Spice, on the other hand, has more warmth to it and since I'm not that super fair to begin with, I just settled to the palette that's has more muted pink-peach shades. I know my swatches does not give much justice but believe me, the colors look so much more alive and pigmented in person.

Texture & Ease of Application

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Hot Spice has blushers with shimmers, matte and baked textures. Those that has a bit of shimmers (but not of equal amount) to it are the 1st, 3rd and 7th pans. The 2nd and the 6th are matte blushers. The one that's really glittery is the 5th pan. Obviously, the two at the right ends are baked highlighter (4th) and blusher (8th).

What I love most about them is despite the fact that it's affordable compared to high-end blushers, each pans have good pigmentation and I find them wearable on a daily basis. They are easy to disperse on the cheeks and a little goes a long, long way already. I, in fact, had this mistake of swirling my brush just twice and I get a really strong pop of color on my cheeks! It was the 1st pan I believe. I ended up redoing my makeup haha!

Starting from bottom to up:

  • 1st pan - it's almost muted brown in color as you look it in the pan, not too creamy but very pigmented. It's a beautiful peach shade once applied and is long-wearing.
  • 2nd pan - a beautiful peachy pink shade when applied with no shimmers at all, slightly powdery softness but not chalky
  • 3rd pan - gives a brighter flush of pink color than the 2nd, with obvious gold shimmers, texture is comparable to the 1st.
  • 4th pan - winterish in shade, this highlighter looks really nice and pigmented although I think it would suit those with cool undertones more perfectly.
  • 5th pan - does not look so wearable on the pan with its orange-y shade and glittery texture, surprisingly, it applies nicely and I don't know why but this blush is buildable to a darker shade of peach that can complement fair-skinned gals.
  • 6th pan - matte in texture, almost similar to 2nd in a lot of ways but one thing I noticed is that it attracts light so it looks like the 2nd with a bit of highlighting properties.
  • 7th pan - a bit shimmery and the least pigmented so it's sort of the blush that feels mistake-proof
  • 8th pan - this is a baked blusher that looks more subtle when compared to the others, similar to the 7th but attracts light better, it looks light a blusher and a highlighter in one.

Overall Performance

Since I have oily skin, I prefer to opt for the ones that are matte in finish. I don't like looking dewy all over and I think a bit of highlight on the high areas of my face is perfectly enough. I don't like emphasizing my cheeks with shimmers too 'cause I have large pores and huge cheeks for that matter. Although this palette have shimmers on most of the pan, I still love using this for it's long-wearing at about 6 hours which is quite a feat given my super oily skin. Shades are also buildable and wearable on a daily basis.

If you are starting with makeups, you can invest in this palette! It's a beautiful piece to use to mix and match shades without breaking the bank.


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