Friday, January 26, 2018

My First Ever Coastal Scents Makeup Brushes Collection Haul + First Impression Review

If you have been following me on my social media, you know very well how I've been obsessing over makeup brushes. I bought these from Coastal Scents way before I bought my Zoeva Makeup Artist Zoe Bag together with the complete 24-pieces Zoeva brushes. Maybe you've been wondering what took me so long to post this haul? Well, it was because I had these shipped straight from the U.S. that it literally took 2 months before it landed to my doorstep. No regrets, I'm totally hooked!

Frankly speaking, because of these past haul, I have more than what I need in my vanity right now but it seems like I can't get enough! I'm still drooling over makeup brushes from MAC and Marc Jacobs and wait 'til  be able to save enough money which I think would take months probably unless my fairy godmother would grant me one. I have to work my ass off for that but until then, let me live in bliss as I collect the more affordable ones--sold in cheaper prices without compensating quality!

I haven't used all of these yet but I've tried most. I actually spent my three days off (should I say absence?) decluttering, testing new foundations and putting different makeups on.

It was only when Coastal Scents hosted their biggest site-wide sale when I had the chance to browse all of their products. I plan on getting their palettes but since I'm currently more into brushes, I focus on those even more. Need I say how I was in awe upon looking at all of their brushes--they have a LOT be in sets or singles that I really had time choosing which ones to get! Each pieces, if not most, have synthetic and natural counterparts which made it harder for me to choose. If you want to know the difference between synthetic and natural, you can read this article right here. Basically, synthetic brushes are better for liquid or cream makeups and natural are for powder pigments.

Anyway, here are the brushes that are included in my haul. I also listed how much their sale prices are. I prefer to buy the singles because the sets lack one or the other.

  1. Classic Shadow Brush Small - $0.98
  2. Classic Shadow Brush Medium Natural - $0.95
  3. Classic Shadow Dome Brush Natural - $1.48
  4. Classic Shade and Flush Brush Medium Natural - $0.95
  5. Classic Blender Brush Natural - $1.48
  6. Classic Blender Crease Brush Synthetic - $1.25
  7. Pro Blending Fluff Brush - $2.48
  8. Classic Detail Mini Brush Synthetic - $1.25
  9. Classic Detail Round Brush Natural - $1.48
  10. Classic Angled Liner Brush Small Synthetic - $0.95
  11. Classic Angled Liner Brush Synthetic - $0.95
  12. Classic Angled Liner Brush Medium Synthetic - $0.95
  13. Classic Angled Liner Brush Large Natural - $0.98
  14. Classic SuperBuki Brush Synthetic - $2.95
  15. Classic Medium Tapered Powder Brush Natural - $6.48
  16. Classic Round Duo Fiber Brush Synthetic - $3.48
  17. Classic Flat Powder Brush Natural - $2.95
  18. Classic Flat Buffer Brush Natural - $1.95
  19. Classic Large Powder Brush Natural - $1.95
  20. Classic Blush Angle Brush Large Synthetic - $1.95
  21. Classic Angled Powder Brush Natural - $2.95
  22. Classic Foundation Concealer Brush Extra Large Synthetic - $1.95
  23. Kabuki Brush on a Stick - $2.48
  24. Classic Stippling Brush Synthetic - $2.95
  25. Classic Buffer Brush Large Synthetic - $4.95
  26. Bionic Flat Top Buffer Brush - $2.95

The brushes are quite larger than what I expected and they are dense too. They look sturdy as well but there's a couple large brushes that actually shakes on the ferrule but it's not of a big deal for you can just pull the ferrule towards the handle to lock it in. The big brushes are dense enough to apply makeup beautifully and  to cover any areas where you would like to apply makeup on. Not too mention that each of them has very soft bristles that does not prick the skin unlike some of the cheaper brushes in the market.

One thing I find off-putting about these brushes, particularly to those big brushes, they sort of turn frizzy after I wash them with warm water and my favorite Naked Glory Makeup Brush Cleaner. Although they don't shed during the process, I can't help but notice how the bristles sort of get fly aways and they don't go back to their original shape effortlessly. The natural brushes does not smell nice either after cleaning. I'm used to this though. Other than that, they are very nice brushes, perfect for beginners who are just starting with makeups and I'm looking forward doing my everyday look with these!


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