Thursday, January 18, 2018

My First High-End Brushes: Makeup Artist Zoe Bag With Zoeva 25-Piece Brush Set

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I can still sharply remember the first day I fell in love with Zoeva Makeup Artist Zoe Bag while browsing through Sephora Philippines. It was the only thing I tell my boyfriend--either he enjoyed me gushing about the brushes or he just successfully hide his annoyance. From then on, I promise myself to save for it no matter what. I mean it's what we do, right? Fighting for something that's worth our while. Haha! The original price with all inclusions is P11,625--too pricey and yeah, I couldn't afford it.

When Sephora went on sale for 50% off, I didn't hesitate and get this right there and then. The sale price was P5,812.50, which was still way, way expensive but I had to take a risk after all, it might go sold out  during the sale or I may not be able to buy it again for 50% off. The former happened. Right after I checked out and pay with my MasterCard, it showed that the product was already sold out. I can't help thinking that the last piece was solely intended for me!

Receiving the huge parcel(second week of January, 2018) made my heart flutter. Being able to accomplish a small dream felt surreal. I had my first ever high-end brushes...and more to come please! Thank you, the cheapskate in me, for letting me wait for this moment. Haha! I could have bought these way, way back for only 15% off hadn't I hold back!

Before I let go, I want you to know that it also pays to be patient and wait for every sale! Look at that! Lol. Anyway, good night , every one! I'll doze off now.


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