Wednesday, January 24, 2018

My Shopping Box: Save on Shipping Cost Using This Referral Code + BDO Mastercard

I know shipping costs add extra weight to things you are buying online that sometimes it doesn't make sense anymore. You're trying to buy something online thinking it will allow you to at least save  a couple of bucks until you proceed checking out and get surprised how much you are paying additional to the retail cost of an item. How much more if you are doing overseas shipping, right? Nevertheless, if something is worth buying for, you just turn a blind eye and don't care at all.

There are two kinds of shipment being offered by My Shopping Box: air or sea. For U.S. orders, they offer both, but currently, for European orders, they only have air shipment available. The faster mode of forwarding, the pricier of course. No need to fret though because I have a good news for everyone. You can use my referral code right here to lower down your shipping cost: NICHLFI2 or click on this URL:

You can also get 10% off the total cost for shipments by using your BDO Mastercard! Now having your purchases shipped from abroad has been made a lot more affordable!


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