Thursday, January 25, 2018

Purederm Skin Recovery Age Defying Collagen Mask Review

Purederm Skin Recovery Age Defying Collagen Mask
Bought for: Sale at P79/2pcs
Bought from: Purederm

Last time I went online shopping, I spotted these Purederm Skin Recovery Age Defying Collagen Masks together with other variants at a BOGO deal. I always see these back when I was in college whenever I pay regular visits to Watsons but just didn't get to buy them for whatever reason. My heart can't help falling in love with their colorful packaging and endless variants that I hoarded a lot when they go discounted. I'm thinking about Purederm's popular cleansing wipes which I genuinely adore and at the back of my mind, I'm hoping that these will work for me too. I had high expectations with every variant I got and these particularly didn't upset me. In fact, the experience was truly remarkable that I'm excited to share with you, girls, my thoughts about these drugstore mask sheets that performs best among all other I've tried.

Here's what the product claims:
This product claims to nourish the skin with its blend of Collagen, Vitamins E, Green Tea Extract, and Tropical Fruits. It also provide intensive hydration to help soothes skin and reduce signs of aging. The real pulp cloth retains more moisture helping pores to fully absorb Purederm's beneficial ingredients.
Purederm is originally developed in Korea and just like most Korean skincare products, it comes in unique packaging like this. Call me dumb but I think I would never think of having sachet bottles as my trademark! Haha! Anyway, it's really cute and I also like the fact that there's English translation at the back which I think is kinda rare for Korean cosmetics (or not?). I have encountered a lot of Korean products that I find a bit hassle to use for the fact that I can't read Korean and this should not be the case when everyone around the world is obsessing over K-beauty stuff.

Inside the sachet is the mask that's drenched in essence, smooth and hydrating but thinner compared to other masks I have tried. It felt so nice because that means that I don't have to deal with sticky, slimy essence after I remove the cotton wool. I have oily skin so I am not really a huge fan of products that will just clog my pores and trigger severe oil production. If you have oily skin like mine and prefer non-sticky masks, this is very well for you.

One thing I didn't like about it is that i find that the sheet itself is kinda thin so I was very careful not to tear it in the process. I have tried masks that have a thicker texture so I know this will tear easily. It's also messy to apply because the runny essence tend to drip on clothes so you be careful on that. You may want to lay down while you have this on and take advantage of the eye flaps!

The best way to apply mask sheets is to let put them inside a refrigerator (not long enough to freeze lol) before putting it on. But I keep on forgetting this so I just stay in front of the air conditioner for at least a couple of minutes to make the treatment more relaxing and to hasten nutrients absorption . This technique will help you especially if you are on the rush. After 10 minutes, I remove the sheet and pat the remaining essence on my face and everywhere else that needs hydration like neck, hands and feet.

Because this mask isn't as greasy as other mask sheets, I feel like I don't need to wash it off a bit but then I have to stay a bit longer outside so I had to rinse and apply some makeup. What I noticed is that my face looks hydrated, clearer and softer even after I wash it off and that I don't think moisturizer is still necessary. Even with oily skin, my skin feels so taut after washing the face but this mask helps restore moisture. I think the cold temperature helps but I hadn't experience the same thing with other face masks before. This one is just fun to use and I'll surely get my next sachets in the following days!


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