Thursday, January 25, 2018

Purederm Skin Recovery Pearl Essence Mask Sheets Review

Purederm Skin Recovery Pearl Essence Mask, 18g
Bought for: P79/2pcs | SRP: P79/ea
Bought from: Purederm

I was never a fan of mask sheets until I discover these lightweight ones from Purederm. I remember why I used to hate mask sheets--it's because they leave a sticky residue which barely complements oily skin. I've became more interested right now especially after I consider the idea of 'slightly' rinsing off extra essence that wasn't fully absorbed by the skin so in a way, it's hydrated just enough and you don't deal with greasy residue anymore. I know it sort of defeats the purpose of the mask but it works better this way for me.

Pearl Extract has long been a favorite by Asian women to protect and beautify their skin. Pearl Extract's magical quality helps to tone and rejuvenate complexion, clear blemishes, minimize pores and reduce skin redness. Real pulp cloth retains more moisture helping pores to fully absorb Purederm's beneficial ingredients.


The first mask I have tried from Purederm Skin Recovery line was their Age Defying Collagen Mask which I really liked. It was subtly scented just like Pearl Essence Masks and to be honest, there's very little to no difference in terms of the effects. Packaged in a cute bottle-shaped sachet, this mask sheets are easy to use and I'm pretty sure you all know the drill. Inside, you'll see that the clothe is soaked with essence but I noticed that it is not as much as the one with Age Defying Collagen Mask where the liquid tends to really drip all over. I guess Purederm should improve on that. I've tried a lot of Purederm Skin Recovery products, and some has a lot more essences than others. Why is that?

Just like most Purederm mask sheets, the clothe has eye flaps so every corner of your face receives treatment. The clothe is quite thinner than other mash sheets I have tried though and there are cuts all over which I can't figure out the use of. It was a bit hard to spread out and I even accidentally tore on the cuts even more when I'm trying to use it.

The product displays all necessary information about it in both Korean and English. Good 'cause I can't read Korean when I wish I could so that I can speak with my favorite Oppa lol.

The mask quite adhere nicely on the skin and even after 30 minutes, it was not even half dried on my face so a lot of its essences really go to waste. This mask sheets has a lot of claims that might only be noticeable after several uses like reduction of redness, blemishes and pores which does not happen overtime. I kinda shake it off, even though I thought they are worth mentioning, since all I need is a boost of hydration and instant glow.

I like this mask sheet because they are very lightweight, refreshing and gives a healthier complexion though for not very long. If you are into Korean mask sheets and has dry skin, give this a try! It does not clog pores, cause break outs and need I say break the bank?


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