Thursday, January 18, 2018

#SomeoneAsks Why and How I Started Blogging

I was born kikay. Can't you believe that even at 2 years old, I was already playing mom's red nail polish--I can already distinguish timeless colors, you see? Kidding! But yeah, even at young age, my mom would know I would grow up to be who I am now. I was always a beauty enthusiast and some people would even look at my old pictures and say, dati pa lang pala, naga-ayos ka na. My hair was always neat, my stuff are always organized and hygiene was something my mom taught me way, way back. I can still remember the first beauty soap I use which was Dove, the first moisturizers I use in alternate, Ponds and Olay. Basically the attitude you are required to possess before you start becoming a beauty blogger.

I was only in 4th grade back then and I was like, wait, let me do a quick Math, 10 years old at most, and I use to hide all my beauty sachets to my mom because she would often scold me that my skin was too young for those. Don't expect that I ever listen. She likes to look prim and proper but I was on a different level. She would often got confused how fast she empties her beauty stuff, not knowing I was using them all along. I grew up, not a single day did I miss incorporating a beauty product in my everyday life. She got used to it and gradually stopped scolding me just right after she digested the fact that she was growing a blogger daughter.

Believe me, I even came to the point of lying, telling her that all the products in my stash are sponsored when I bought all of them with my own money. It was because it was hard for me to earn her approval to use different skin care products at a very young age. I know she was just worried I'd severely break out especially that it runs in the blood. It was the same time I was undergoing puberty and the highlight was me breaking out big time. My mom got even madder, I got even more obsessed with skin care. But you see, no one successfully hindered me from finding pleasure with anything beautiful and girly.

Until one day, I became much curious and reading became a passion. I started with novels then moved to blogs that I even see myself writing those. Thinking how I find joy using different skin care and makeup and how I like recommending products to others, my dream gradually falls into places. I decided to create my own blog with the help of all the knowledge I got from my computer subject in high school. I wouldn't know how basic html works if it wasn't for it. No, seriously.

Building a blog wasn't easy when you don't have anything to pay for website designs and templates or even for your own domain. I wasn't born with a golden spoon to pay for all equipment that would give me high quality pictures. I wasn't good with my vocabulary either to produce quality content. Not once did I think I will be successful. But I'm always leaving a door open for possibilities and improvements. It's true--one day I just wake up and get to my senses. Nothing would happen if I din't try. I just focus on one goal that summarizes my motive: to share and inspire more than being paid on what I love doing. 

Others would blog for compensation but I don't think you should start to create one if this is your mindset. Take this for example, I am managing this blog for three years and look where I am now. Am I being paid regularly? No. Am I famous? No. Baby, it would take years. If you don't love what you're doing, you won't be able to keep up with all the insecurities and challenges there are. You won't be patient like how you are supposed to be 'cause money ain't come easy. What I'm trying to say is that don't start if you're thinking the wrong way. Start because you love writing. Start because you love to tell stories, laugh and cry in between. Start because you want to improve in every way. Start because you aim to be criticized. Start because you want to share everything you have even in the littlest way possible.

I'm far from being a successful blogger yet but I'll do everything to get there.


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