Friday, January 12, 2018

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Clearance Sale + What I Have On My Cart

Who's dreaming of closets full of Victoria's Secret lingerie, fragrances and accessories? I bet no one would say no. Well, here's an amazing news--you can now start reaching your closet goals by taking advantage of the much-awaited Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale just in case you can't wait for June. Sale products include brassieres, panties, sportswear, fragrances, accessories and a lot more which you can avail for a whopping 50-70% off slash their retail prices. Imagine a full-priced item that originally retails for $64.50 go down to merely $19.99? Unbelievable, right?

The official e-commerce site of Victoria's Secret ships to almost all countries all over the world but I don't suggest you have your parcel dropped straight from U.S. as import taxes and duties may apply. That means, you are more likely to pick your parcel up at the post office and most of the time, the custom people would demand for taxes way, way higher than what you actually bought. Goodness! You may either use third party shipping couriers--take My Shopping Box for example--they give you a U.S address and will ship your purchases straight to your doorstep. Shipping cost already incur possible taxes and services. And...I find that it's much more reasonable!

VS is known for their best lingerie collection and I guarantee there's plenty of colors and styles to choose from! Since I have been overspending last year, I'm trying not to splurge very much this time so I'm limiting my purchases to their sheer mists alone but...I'm actually still contemplating. I can't stock up much on items and just pile them up for long since my family and I are planning to move out. Anyway, here are what I'm thinking of getting!

What I have on my cart...

So basically, Victoria's Secret conducts semi-annual sale during the end of the year until the first month of the succeeding year (December-January) and during mid-year (June). If you can't wait for June, this is the only time you can take advantage of their clearance sale. So anything else I can say to convince you? Just kidding. Don't be too impulsive and shop wisely! You can visit for more information!


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