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Zale Skincare BB White UV Foundation Cream Review

Zale Skincare BB White UV Foundation Cream
Bought for: Free | SRP: will update
From: Zale Skincare

The very first product I have tried from Zale Skincare is its Beauty Powders which is amazing in so many ways. I loved them so much that I planned on repurchasing and give them away, unfortunately, I didn't know where to get them apart from Zale Skincare's online shop. I know I won't be mortified if I give these as gifts because they really deliver results. I mean a really good product for only P49? No kidding!

And just recently, a few days after Christmas, I got an unexpected gift from Zale Skincare and aside from my favorite Beauty Powders, I was also given a couple of these Zale Skincare BB White UV Foundation Creams which was kind of alien to me. I was really touched and grateful that someone whom I collaborated with months ago took the time in sending me awesome gifts. Thank you so much, Zale Skincare--a small act of kindness means so much to me and I wouldn't forget about it in this lifetime.


Moving on, I tried looking for reviews about this product online but to no avail. So I just read through the details to make myself familiar about it. Basically, this is a a hybrid between a foundation and BB Cream with skincare benefits and comes in a small jar that easily tucks inside small pouches. Nothing fancy on the way it is marketed which is absolutely fine considering that we ought not make judgement based solely on how a product looks from the outside. Although one thing I find off is the fact that I need to dip my fingers every use which isn't exactly hygienic if you think about it. As you look into the product though, it somehow overflows so what I used to do back then was directly wipe the jar on my cheeks so I don't have to dip my fingers anymore. I was curious how long will I be able to use the method so I grab a sterilized needle and pressed it on the product. The product was only approximately a quarter centimeter deep but a little goes a long way.


The product claims to deliver 5 benefits which are: (1) skin whitening; (2) moisturizing and anti-aging; (3) contains sun protection factor; (4) makeup foundation and last but definitely not the least, (5) removing dead cells from skin surface. Let's see how this product performs. Keep on reading!

Texture Performance and Ease of Application

This product is one of those that foundations and BB creams that doesn't run or glide and it reminds me of the Sooper Beaute Tinte BB Cream which I liked to use way, way back. I think Sooper Beaute either repackaged or ceased its production already.Anyway, the texture is very much similar, creamy and smooth. Zale Skincare BB White UV Foundation Cream also smells powdery like its counterpart beauty powders but less stronger.

The product melt easily on the skin provided that you use a moisturizer underneath. The cream itself has nice hydrating properties but application on bare skin sometimes tend to create tugging. It does not exactly dry matte but it's lightweight and leave a dewy finish. If ever I over-apply, I have nothing to worry about since I can just douse some Zale Skincare Beauty Powder for an extra matte blurry effect.

The cream comes in only an ivory shade which is a tad lighter than my complexion but it easily adapts to any skin tone with a bit of instant whitening effects and very sheer coverage. If you're wanting some chok-chok makeup, this is a product you might want to consider. Though it is way light for me, it doesn't seem to look awkward or fake with just the right amount and blending. Swatch is provided down below.

This product claims to have sun protection which is another point I would like emphasize. Sure, Titanium Dioxide is on the upper part of the ingredient list so there must be a lot. Though it claims to offer SPF, I am not satisfied until I figure out how much SPF am I getting.

Overall Thoughts

I like this product but not to the point that I'll go the extra mile. Don't get me wrong, this product is everything else you'll ever look for into a cream--makes skin look soft and smooth without breaking out  (or make you go broke lol) but aside from the fact that it's not widely accessible, its performance is just comparable to other foundations, BB creams or tinted creams out there. It did nothing extra special that's why, nevertheless, it's still worth a try.


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