Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Belle Journe Tattoo Tint Color in Attitude Red Review and Swatches

Belle Journe Tattoo Tint
Bought for: Free | SRP: P250
From: Althea Philippines

Here's a review on a tattoo tint which I have been loving over the past few months--Belle Journee Tattoo Tint in Attitude Red. I am not familiar with the Korean brand Belle Journee nor their tattoo tints until the fairy godmothers of Althea Philippines send me one during their second birthday. I was already curious about its performance as much as I was curious on the pronunciation of Belle Journee (lol). For the love of tints, I got to try this one and see how long it would wear on me.

This is not just like other tattoo tints that you have to apply, let dry and peel to get a vivid color that will last all day. That alone, is enough to say that it's a cut above the rest. It is a hassle-free product that you have to just apply and then you're good to go. No more few minutes to spare!

It comes in a tube with a minimalist design and comes with a chubby flat wand that applies product on the lips easily. However, this means that you still have to stain your fingers to blend the tint all over your lips.

If you are not a fan of reds, they have it in shade Holiday Pink and Mystic Orange and they also have it in Fixing Top Coat if you want  to sport glossy puckers. I'm satisfied with attitude Red since I'm not a huge fan of pinks nor oranges. One thing I notice though is that the colors are so bright that they seem to make a statement. Attitude red is a bright red pink in shade that offers a real good pop of color when applied generously. It's the kind of red that attracts attention to lips so I think the name Attitude Red is just perfect.

Belle Journee Tattoo Tint Color is quite thick compared to other tints that seem to be water-based. It has this aqua gel-type texture with great pigmentation so a little goes a long way. Since I prefer subtle gradient effect, I only put a small amount on the inner center of my lips and use my fingers to blend it outwards. If you want a more pigmented lip color, it's buildable nevertheless.

This tint is somewhat drying on the lips so I make sure to apply petroleum jelly underneath. My lips are very sensitive to lip products and whatever I use causes it to become chapped and dry and I wouldn't hold it against this tattoo tint. I like it all the same for its pigmentation and longevity. It lasts me pretty much the whole day with drinking and eating! It fades gradually of course, it's not the usual tattoo anyway, but it's pretty long-lasting on its own. I like it better when it fades a bit because it looks much more natural and fresh. Swatch provided below is with full coverage. What's so fantastic about tints is that you can play around and control the pop of color that you want depends on your mood. Make it so subtle for everyday no-makeup makeup look or make it a bit bolder for crazy night outs, it's up to you.

Overall, I really love this tint! It dries matte and non-sticky, gives comfort for everyday wear and offers great color payoff! Does Belle Journee Tattoo Tint Color interest you? Have you tried it already by any chance? What are your thoughts about it? Share it down below! Happy blogging!


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