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Dermcare Pimple Acne Treatment with Seaweed Mask Review + Dermcare Services and Promo Packages

Dermcare Pimple Acne Treatment with Seaweed Mask
Price: P650/per session

Two weeks ago, I went to Dermcare in their SM Valenzuela branch to claim the Diamond Peel that I bought from Metrodeal. I was supposed to redeem the voucher but ended up doing the pimple facial treatment instead because the lady told me I had a lot of pimples that Diamond Peel may exacerbate the infection even more. I was scared to take a risk so I opted to pay extra (though I was running out of cash) for the treatment and make a mental note to have the Diamond Peel just later on when my skin (if ever) heals. After that first session, the lady who did the facial suggested that I come back two weeks later to see if I can already have the Diamond Peel but then I came back with few more breakouts so we decided to settle for another Pimple Acne Treatment with Seaweed Mask just to be sure. Today, I’m going to share with you how I survived, kidding, how my skin has been after two sessions of Dermcare Pimple Acne Treatment with Seaweed Mask.

Upon entering the clinic, I was really in awe with Dermcare's interior. I wasn't able to take lots of pictures because I went there alone and I couldn't imagine what the staff would think if they caught me taking pictures of every corner of the salon--they don't know I will write about them, after all. The olive green and plum theme looks so lavish and I was greeted with a huge flattering mirror upon entering the clinic. The overall setup was so enough to help set the mood for relaxation.

I didn't ask for the names of the skin consultants but some of them were snob, some of them greeted me with a warm smile. I don't intend to bad-mouth them but I expected them to be at least quite more accommodating and engaging, after all, my face was just about to get murdered! Upon entering the clnic for the first time, a lady ask me to wash my face first. I was struggling with all the things I have with me, didn't know where to put them and it seems like they don't even care. They didn't even lend some help or inform me where I can put my things down for the meantime. Imagine, the first step was already a struggle!

There is a designated area for washing the face and they even provide facial wash, towels and tissues--all neatly organized beside the sink. I have been to only two facial salons aside from Dermcare and neither of them has this feature. Some people might prefer the estheticians do the cleaning while they lie down in bed, others, like me, think it's very much hygienic that we get to deep cleanse our faces thoroughly with facial wash and water first to ensure better treatment absorption before we let the specialists do the rest. Who knows how much gunk was stuck on our faces especially after a day under the sun and pollution!

So after washing my face, I pat it dry with some tissue paper and asked a lady where I could put the trash. She said "Ilagay mo na lang kahit saan diyan, ma'am. (with a bit of a lazy and commanding tone)" and I was like, seriously? Can't they provide a trash can? Luckily, the girl who was assigned to me was very timid but polite. She was also the one who did my facial the second time!

After that, she instructed me to lie down on my designated spot. There were four beds beside each other and are just separated with sheer white curtains. There weren't enough space to move and privacy 'cause the beds are so close together. I didn't know where to put my things either. The second time was easier 'cause I seem to familiarize myself with the place already.

And there the terror She put some cream on my face, maybe to help my breakouts and pores loosen and open up, before the usual ozone steaming that lasted about 15-20 minutes. After that, she used a suction tool on my face meant to remove dirt and stuff. Again, the photos are very limited 'cause I went there all by myself. After that, the horror truly began when the lady started all the pricking and extraction of blackheads and whiteheads.

I really had lots of tiny pimples the first time I went there so only you can imagine the pain I've been through. I was trying to project a calm face but I couldn't help it! It felt as if my skin was being murdered! The lady doing it with a slightly heavy hand didn't help either. Ganun naman talaga, masakit magpa-ganda. I was crying most of the time and felt relieved when I saw how much dirt was removed from my face. The picture below could not compare to how much dirt and sebum were extracted from my face the first time I underwent the facial. Gross, right?

After all the pricking, she put some cotton soaked in cold liquid treatments on my face which stings a bit especially on areas where I had the extraction. According to her, it was an antibiotic meant to dry the pimples and prevent further infection. This lasted for about 10-15 minutes. After that, she used a laser tool (if that's what you call it) to close the pores. I opted for an add-on Seaweed Mask, the reason why I paid P650 instead of P550. 

Sorry for the puffy eyes. Is it obvious that I cried?

After the laser part, the lady put a netted cloth on my face, then apply some green-colored seaweed mask. This seaweed mask is very cooling and it helped alleviate pain and redness. She even put cold cucumber on my eyes, now it's more like facial advertisements I see in tarpaulins! The first time I had this treatment, the lady didn't put some cut cucumbers on. What was that all about? I don't know. After 20 minutes, the lady wiped off the mask with a warm cloth and applied some moisturizer on.

After the facial, the lady asked me to sit and she did a bit of a back massage. The second time really was more comfortable 'cause the lady engaged me in a small conversation. She even instructed me not to wash my face for 24 hours and suggested I buy their Clindamycin to help dry my pimples. I've known this antibiotic because of Bioessence so I agreed. After the session, my face looks very red which is just an aftermath of facial. Good thing, I don't have work the next day.

Overall, I like Dermcare Services. My face was soft and smooth the following days though I have to really work hard to remove the blemishes it created. The facial worked well with my current skincare and I'm looking forward to lesser breakouts now! I am yet to have my third session and would probably just stop after I got rid of most breakouts. All I wish is for the estheticians to be friendlier and also, the sheets and bedding to be cleaner.

For your information, here's Dermcare's list of hair, skin and body treatments.


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  1. Kumuha ako ng package na to . Then after matapos ng package mas lumalala lalo yung resulta . Sana maexplain

    1. Hi, sorry to hear about your experience. I believe that there’s something in the solution that you might be allergic too. I heard that plant/herbal extracts from treatments can cause allergies talaga depends na lang how sensitive your skin is. I suggest you consult with them directly for possible treatments and suggestions. Thank you for dropping by! :)

  2. Nagbreak out ba kayo after ng season niyo?

    1. Not to the point that it became alarming. I usually breakout during red days and the treatment isn't something that's supposed to prevent them. I like how my skin felt relaxed after the session though. :)


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