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Glowing Skin With Precious Skin Thailand Extra Gluta White Collagen Mask Review

Precious Skin Extra Gluta White Collagen Mask
Bought for: Super sale at P11/each | SRP: P70+
Bought from: an online shop

Recently, I reviewed Precious Skin Thailand Extra Pure Gluta White Soap which I use in conjunction with these bleaching masks which I bought last time when Shopee had this 11-peso sale for some random items. It was not my intention to try Precious Skin Thailand products, in fact, that was the first time I encounter the aforementioned brand. But since it opened up opportunity to try a Thai skincare product, I bought these and what else can I lose aside from a crazy few bucks, right?

When I bought all 9 masks. apart from the soap and a few eyebrow products, I didn't know they were so close to the expiration date--February 16, 2018. The seller and I came to an agreement and she was nice enough to tell me she had no idea that the batch was about to expire this year. She was apologetic and told me she'll have it refunded and I could get to keep the masks in compensation. I don't think I'm supposed to use all these like every day but since I don't have a choice (I don't want them to go to waste anyway), I emptied all 9 boxes in a span of 2 weeks! I know that review will be much more accurate that way, although I admit, I didn't consider the side effects. I just realized that thinking about those is just a waste of time for I hadn't experience one!


Intensive whitening body mask with Glutathione and Nano Collagen Extracts, which help to whiten and firm your skin effectively. Within only 20 minutes, your skin will be permanently whiten.


Packaging is very simple--the box displays all necessary information and the product itself is enclosed in a gold sachet that can be tore off easily. It displays the claims and ingredients written in English which I really do appreciate. Some manufacturers seem to forget they have international users too. The short list of ingredients surprises me as well for I know I'm not putting a lot of chemicals on my skin. One sachet is good for the whole body.

Scent, Texture and Ease of Application

The mask comes in a creamy, white formula like a mousse and blends easily on the skin. It washes off easily as well without any trace of white cast. Upon application, you'll feel the soft, creamy lather that smells so yummy. I love it as much as I love the scent of the counterpart soap!


Before I delve into the product's performance, let me tell you that you have to use bleaching masks with caution. Masks like this contains some strong chemicals that may not be suitable for sensitive skin or make it more sensitive to the sun just like most whitening products. So if you are quite sensitive to one or a few chemicals on the ingredients list, better do a patch test first. How? Put a small amount on the inner lower arm, let the mask sit there overnight and if you develop bumps, redness and itchiness or any other signs of allergic reactions, better not to proceed applying it to the rest of your body.

I didn't experience any redness though upon application so it's either my skin isn't as sensitive or that the product is just gentle enough for every day use. What I notice though is that a few minutes after application, my skin felt some mild tingling sensation on my arms and legs. I refrain from scratching as this might aggravate the itchiness or worse caused cuts and bruises. I actually thought it won't suit my skin but I held on and waited until 20 minutes of my soaking's up. I pat my skin dry after rinsing everything and immediately did a thorough checkup should there be any redness but there was none.

I noticed that every application, the tingling sensation lessened a bit and figured out it might be because of the active ingredients working to brighten the skin. After using all 9 boxes, using it either everyday or every other day depends if time permits, I didn't experience any long-term redness, itchiness or even breakouts. I even tried the mask on my face one time and it wasn't stingy at all! I just stopped putting it on my face at first use because this product is very drying. I expected it even before committing to trying so I wasn't so surprised. Good thing, I had a heavy-duty moisturizer at home so I can easily put a remedy to dry skin after bath.

So was it effective?

Yes, it is! My skin hasn't lightened significantly but using 9 sachets yielded me a brighter skin complexion that is at least a tone lighter. Do take note that I don't leave the mask very long sometimes because I'm late for work (and I abhor wrinkled skin during bath) but still I noticed that my skin became softer, brighter and pinkish after every use! My skin became much more even toned (especially my wrist area) though not so completely but it's already a huge feat to begin with especially using an affordable product. Using these religiously will surely yield a really nice result if you don't mind spending for high maintenance product and that if you are patient enough. I like my skincare fast and easy so I couldn't commit to using these often--once a week for me would be enough if I want to get rid of dull skin.

If you have a lot of time to spare for skincare products, this one if perfect to use! It's worth a reasonable amount of money and is effective all the same!


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