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Hey! Deux Yeoza Rapunzel Hair Moist Day and Enriching Night Leave In Treatments Review + Discount

Hey! Deux Yeoza Rapunzel Hair Day and Night Leave In Treatment
Bought for: Free | SRP: $32.50/each (Around P1625)
From: Charis Celeb

Recently, my hair has been acting up real badly. Aside from non-stop hair fall, I noticed that it was severely damaged--it seems like it was not properly taken care of. I felt a huge guilt 'cause my mane was something I didn't pay much attention to as much as with my skin. After I cut it short (I had the colored hair removed), I decided to tweak my hair care routine, switched back to the shampoo that works for me and use Moringa O2 2 in 1Anti-Dandruff Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner with Argan Oil simultaneously with my synthetic shampoo. I stopped using conditioners cause they seem to weaken my hair roots and just decided to incorporate some new finds from Charis Celeb in conjunction with my trusted hair care products. These are Hey! Deux Yeoza Rapunzel Hair Day and Night Leave In Treatments. Charis Celeb sent me these but reviews I'm about to tell you are with pure honesty and are not influenced by anything or anyone nor was I paid to do this.

What it is: A leave-in, daily nutritive treatment cream infused to nourish and repair dry or damaged hair. What it is formulated to do: The Rapunzel Hair Cream prevents hair from drying out, repairs split ends, and restores hair's body and shine. The non-oily, non-sticky formula deeply nourishes without weighing hair down or altering color. It delivers beautiful shine and a subtle scent.


Packaging wise, they are both lovely and the combination of peachy pink and blue just looks so girly. I was surprised that these came in huge tubes with aluminum seals that I just can't stop thinking how long these would last me, after all, I just need these at least twice a day and each comes with 180ml of product inside. By the thought of it, it will be with me for months and that's already an excellent value for money!

Although it looks as if all claims and stuff were very detailed, I don't read Korean so I would appreciate if it's written in universal language. What I can read are only the names and the expiration date lol. Good for you if you can read Korean! Good thing, there's the application of Charis Celeb where you can read what's it for. In terms of directions for use, thinking they are typical leave-in treatments, which indeed they are, I'm pretty sure we all know the drill.

Scent, Consistency and Ease of Application

In terms of scent, both of which has really nice scent that lingers especially the Moist Day. To be honest, this is the scent I would want in perfumes! If ever they would come up with a counterpart perfume, I would surely hoard!

Moist Day comes in pink colored cream while Enriching Night comes in white. Both are easy to apply, lightweight and non-sticky. I just find that the Enriching Night is more liquid-y but is more moisturizing--something I don't doubt since it's mainly for nourishing and repairing the hair while you sleep so it needs to be more potent.

The thing with hair care products is that they make my hair oily and they seem to weigh my hair down, making them flat and lifeless. I didn't experience anything with Hey! Deux Yeoza Rapunzel Hair Moist Day and Enriching Night Leave In Treatments. They are just so lightweight yet provides hydration and nourishment for the hair.

How to apply:

I guess we just have to follow our own steps in terms of applying these to our hair--whichever works for you best. But what I do is to apply a generous amount on my hair starting mid-length to the roots and then brush my hair to distribute the product evenly onto each strands before stylish my hair. I just had my hair blow-dried on the photo down below. Sorry for the messy background!


These products have pure natural extracts that protect the hair. Moist Day has Super Berry Complex, Ceramide NP and Sunflower Seed Oil while Enriching Night has Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter, Mango Seed Shea Butter and Hydrolyzed Collagen and Keratin. Most of the benefits of these ingredients are unfamiliar but who cares, forget about those as long as they work!

With these two in my beauty arsenal, my hair couldn't be more manageable, softer, smoother, shinier and healthier than ever. They actually work overnight as I notice my hair looks like it was well-maintained the next morning. I advise that you use them frequently for optimum results.

I know you find these products promising and I would say they really work. I couldn't forget you so I'm giving these to you for a discounted price! Just visit my Charis Celeb profile and there you can take advantage of the sale price! You can also visit @charis_official for more information!

Update (May 23, 2018):

I keep using this after I dyed my hair about 4 days ago before going to work and before sleeping and I love how it gives a surge of moisture on my hair without weighing it down!



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