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Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Face Scrub Review

Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Face Scrub
Bought for: Free with SR points | SRP: P99/50 ml
Bought from: Sampleroom

As I have told you a hundred times, though I'm not really proud of it, I'm breaking out badly. A lot of people approach me saying, "nagkaka-pimples ka ngayon ahhh..." or "bakit tinitigyawat ka ata?". They don't intend to hurt my feelings, I know that very much, but these statements really had me going looking for preventives and made me extra careful with my skincare routine. I've  long emptied my all-time favorite St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub, I never repurchased until just this week, and I thought it's just perfectly fine to let go of scrubs in my daily regimen. It was very stupid of me because my skin seem to miss exfoliation and ever since I stopped, clusters of whiteheads and blackheads seem to resurface nonstop. My skin looked so dull, sallow and blemished, I've never wanted a nice exfoliating and brightening scrub so badly! Good thing, I had this Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Face Scrub in my stash. Was it able to do a great job? Please keep on reading!

A complexion enhancing face scrub with mild exfoliants that brings out skin’s natural fairness. It has Licorice, White Dammer, and Apricot granules that help regulate melanin synthesis as it gently scrub away dead skin cells, blackheads, and deeply embedded dirt for that visibly soft and glowing skin.
KEY INGREDIENTS: (1) Licorice and White Dammer - Has skin whitening and antioxidant properties that help to lighten skin tone and inhibit melanin synthesis. (2) Apricot – Gently exfoliates dead skin cells.


The product comes in a flip cap tube which easily dispenses the amount that you want to use. This also ensures that application is not messy and unhygienic. The product displays all necessary information too such as its claims, direction for use and the list of its ingredients. It also has its expiry date printed on the upper back part of the tube.

Texture, Scent and Ease of Application

The product comes in a lightweight cream consistency, definitely not as creamy as St. Ives, but still creamy on its own. It has a soapy scent but with a bit of chemical that I can't tell whether I like it or not. Again, I'm not particular with scents so it does not bother me very much. The scrub itself comes in a blush pink color and as expected it has minuscule beads on it. It is so easy to wash off and does not leave a sticky residue.


In all honestly, this is my first time trying out a facial scrub other than St. Ives'. That goes without saying I only have St. Ives to compare it with. Sure, this product does exfoliate the skin a bit and that's exactly the problem. The grains are too sharp but too few to get rid of rough spots on the skin.  If you are to use it, I would suggest you take a careful scrub with it as it can scratch your skin. It's also not really whitening nor even brightening even after weeks of usage. Still, I like that this product is non-drying and does not break me out.

For its price of P99, I wouldn't complain much especially these are made of herbal extracts that are healthy for the skin. But I don't think I would repurchase as I find St. Ives Scrubs (you get 170g for only P205) offer a better value for money and is more effective in terms of whatever factors there are.

Have you tried Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Face Scrub? How was the experience?


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