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Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft-Matte Hydrating Foundation in 60 Sandy Beige Review

Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft-Matte Hydrating Foundation
Bought for: Sale at P350 | SRP: P499
Bought from: Lazada Philippines

We are all familiar with Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundations that I am so aware that when it was first launched, bunch and bunch of this foundation were sold right away for the first few months. I even had to force myself to settle for a wrong foundation shade back then just to be able to snag one. I wasn't able to use it because I figured out the shade was something I can't really wear for the indifference to skintone was just so obvious. As a result, I sold it away.

Just last December of 2017, I was able to snatch one in shade 05 Sandy Beige which is the closest for my skin tone. T'was for fair skinned gals with warm undertones. Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundations has limited shades so I'm quite lucky that I can consider one among the shade range it offers. Spoiler alert: this foundation didn't work much for me.

Dream Velvet™ Foundation. Maybelline's first soft-matte hydrating foundation: no drying, no roughness. Feels fresh as it covers. This foundation hydrates skin for 12 hours and delivers a soft matte finish for velvet-smooth perfection. No drying or roughness. Ideal for normal to combination skin.


The product comes in a sturdy plastic tube packaging that aside from being so thin and travel-friendly, it's also very hygienic to use. It comes sealed with an aluminum foil and being in a tube-type packaging, you can easily control the amount you want to use. It also displays necessary information about the product itself: claims, directions for use, ingredients and manufacturing date.


It has a typical chemical foundation scent but it's quite subtle so it does not bother me very much.

Texture and Ease of Application

This product comes in a mousse formula that a little goes a long way. I normally would squeeze a pea-sized amount of the foundation on my skin but I notice that I can only use just half of it which is quite nice as it offers a good value for money. I know a single tube with 30ml of product inside would last a long time.

I have tried using this foundation using a stippling brush and a damp sponge and I notice that it offers better coverage using the latter. It sets easily once blended but tends to look a bit streaky so I think you better watch out for that. Take this as a warning, but don't over apply as it tends to look cakey. If you don't have oily skin like mine, since it sets soft matte, I think you can already get away with only your foundation and a nice setting spray.

Coverage, Longevity and Performance

A small amount gives a medium coverage. I have several blemishes due to breakouts and the foundation seems to blur them a bit though they are still peeking through. I like it though so my skin can still breathe. Additional layer could provide a full coverage which I really don't opt for 'cause it looks awfully cakey and unnatural. The first time I use this with two layers on, I had to wash off after 4 hours for it doesn't look quite nice. Combined with oils, my foundation looks like it was floating. I gave it another try with using only a sheer layer and it looked a bit better but still turns cakey a few hours later (4 hours). 

Not only that, but the foundation seem to move and settles on my dry patches. I have oily skin with some dry patches due to the skin care that I'm currently using to dry my pimples. This is safe to say that the foundation isn't very long-lasting and is non transfer-proof. I could clearly see the foundation marks on my fingers whenever I touch a part of my face and no setting powder seem to help it stay put. Even though this foundation dries matte, my face just becomes so oily after. I have to complain because much of my time I'm wearing it in an air conditioned room!

I won't let a single foundation ruin my love for Maybelline products and I'm still looking forward to the best things about this foundation. For one, I'm quite surprised that this foundation does not oxidize on me. Even with all the commute and Philippine heat and humidity, this survive on my skin for a good 8 hours without turning shades darker and with constant blotting every now and then of course. It does not turn orange-y on me like some other foundations would. Though it clings on dry patches, it would still be able to make my skin look more even-toned and it doesn't feel sticky and uncomfortable on the skin even when I oil up pretty bad.

Overall Thoughts

I have tried this foundation with a bit of a tweak in tools and makeup products I use it with approximately 4 times now. I tried changing either the primer or the setting powder but nothing seem to make it blend seamlessly on my skin. I couldn't agree more that skin condition plays a huge part in your overall look whether you put makeup on or not. I believe my skin isn't in its best condition right now so it must have something to do with it. Still, why I opt for makeups is because they are supposed to enhance the skin, not enhance all the imperfections it currently shows. This foundation just does that. I will give this foundation another try when my skin heals and let's see. I'll update you on that. For now, I won't be a hypocrite saying I like this foundation and it's perfect for beginners. I didn't like it, to be honest but I'm willing to give this another try after all, it didn't clog my pores or break me out.

Have you tried Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation? Has it been the same with you or not? Share it down below! Happy blogging!


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