Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Cult-Favorite: Pond's Perfect Care Cold Cream Deep Cleanser + Review

Pond's Perfect Care Cold  Cream Deep Cleanser
Bought for: Free with points | SRP: P130
Bought from: Sample Room

I have never been this so ecstatic upon spotting this cult-favorite cold cream in Sample Room. I'm sure even our moms know and swear on it. This is like an old school product which stands the test of time so there must be something so amazing about it...and I wouldn't miss it for the world! I've long been planning to get a pot for me but I just can't find one in Watsons near my work place. Some time when I was looking online (won't tell you what site though), I was so surprised that a small jar costs unbelievable fortune--like how was it possible!


As I was looking for this before, I figured out there was the original cold cream and there was this one that's lemon-infused. I wouldn't think there's much difference so I don't care which one I get. Sample Room sold the original one though and in a full-size tub! It came in this very sturdy, informative travel-sized tub with 60ml of product inside so you get to really test it for a good amount of time before committing to bigger pots. How I love SR so much! If I'm not mistaken, they only have it sold for like less than 20 pieces and they were sold out the following day!

Since the product comes in a pot, you have to dip your fingers to scoop out some which is totally unhygienic for me. What I do is use a small spatula or cotton swabs to prevent bacteria buildup and to also prevent makeup from transferring to your face down onto the tub. You wouldn't like that!

Pond's Cold Cream Lemon is a moisturizing deep cleanser and makeup remover. It deeply cleans to remove dirt and makeup, while moisturizing your skin - all in one easy routine. For clean, soft, and glowing skin.

Texture, Consistency and Ease of Application

There are a lot of cold creams in the market nowadays and I only got to try the ones from Pond's and Nivea which I use for different purposes so I have nothing to compare Pond's with in terms of cleansing and moisturizing abilities. However, I know my skin that much that I don't need other products to give accurate experiences.

The cold cream comes in thick, white cream with a very nice subtle scent (I'm quite surprised it does not smell classic!) that goes smoothly when applied on dry skin. It feels a little bit heavy on the skin and you might complain if you have super oily skin like mine. But if you get used to it, you'll learn how it's best applied and make sure it would work for your skin type. A lot of people complain about how greasy it feels upon usage which I kind of like for the formula feels so luxurious on the skin. Believe me, I complained as well but just didn't stop until I figured out where I had gone wrong.

So how I use it exactly?

Prior to using the product, I utilized Mr. Google and look for ways on how to make this product performs and delivers. I don't want to disregard the directions for use printed on the tub (for it's not there for nothing) but I'm thinking that maybe it has something more to it. Some say you can use it as face masks or as moisturizer for dry skin which is quite true but for someone who has super oily skin, both of which couldn't be an option. Using it as face mask or moisturizer makes my skin super greasy and oily so after a single try, I stopped right then 'cause I know how my skin would react from too much oils--pimples and acne! I would say it might work for those with dry skin though but since the cream is quite thick to begin with, it could be a great source of moisture but I suggest to use a very small amount to avoid getting shiny all over. A little goes a long way already making it cost-effective.

The best option for me is to use it is as a makeup remover. It's best on that category! I am not someone who put too much makeup but I love using long-lasting makeups due to my oily skin where it's a feat if something last long on it. This cold cream removes all stubborn makeup even my long-wearing tints and waterproof mascaras which other eye pads or makeup removers fail to remove in even with multiple swipes. I love convenient skin care routine and I would definitely purchase something that makes my life easy and this product just does so well! It's a cleanser and moisturizer in one. In fact, I don't feel the need of any hydration every time I use this.

So when am I going to tell how I use this? Simple! Scoop a generous amount from the tub, spread it evenly on the face paying extra attention to where you have harder to remove makeups (especially eye area), use cotton pads to remove the darkened cream due to makeup, and follow up with a gentle cleanser to somehow neutralize without fully rinsing off the moisture. Don't worry about applying too much because it's gentle and won't sting even your most sensitive eyes and mouth areas! The more you apply, the easier it is to remove makeup.

Overall Thoughts

So what's so unique about cold creams? These aren't literally cold, okay? Lol! Basically, cold creams are invented to attract fellow oils and dirt that are deep-seated for a cleaner, more nourished skin. It has been selling non-stop since time immemorial even with all the new cleansers in the market. This is just a proof of how this product lives up to its promises. No wonder, it's effective, gentle and affordable! This should not cease to exist anytime sooner or later! I'm totally hooked and definitely would be my go-to makeup remover for heavy-duty makeups!

I haven't had very nice experiences with most Pond's products and I wouldn't start here either but so far, this is the cream that made it to my top Pond's products! No breakouts, just cleaner , healthier skin complexion! Have you tried Pond's Perfect Care Cold  Cream Deep Cleanser or just looking forward to? Let me know down below!


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