Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Precious Skin Extra Pure Gluta White Intensive Whitening Soap Review

Precious Skin Extra Pure Gluta White Soap
Bought for: P11 | SRP: P50 and above
Bought from: an online shop

A few weeks ago, Shopee had this sale where random products were marked off from more than hundred bucks down to merely P11. Was it 11th of January? I can't really think straight right now for I just got home from a night shift. That doesn't mean I'm insanely light-headed while writing this though haha! What I will be sharing with you today is this Precious Skin Extra Pure Gluta White Intensive Whitening Soap which is originally manufactured in Thailand.

I am not a really huge fan of Thai products even though they are so popular in the cosmetic industry for their effective yet affordable price tags. Well, to be honest, I only know that their surgical treatments are super inexpensive and their beauty products are comparatively cheaper compared to Korean products. This is why as a beauty blogger, Thailand is one of the countries I've always dreamed to visit. No wonder women from around the world look up to Thai and Korean complexions for great skin care is very much apparent to the native women of both countries.

I was quite surprised with the ingredient list. What's on top are already key ingredients to healthy skin so it's good to know that beneficial ingredients are in higher dosages than other additives. However, just how much of these active ingredients are present in each soap? Do you think they are enough to do just what this product promises? 

This soap comes in a pink box (or at least I could say pink is the dominant color?) with information written both in English and Korean. It doesn't display the expiration and manufacturing date though. I bought this with Precious Skin Extra Pure Gluta White Collagen Masks which I will review after this. I found out that the masks are expiring Feb 16, 2018. Since soaps have less liquid components, I believe it has a longer shelf life.

The soap comes in this opaque white bar with the name engraved on it. Tell you what, this is, by far, the best-smelling soap I have ever used. Oops, don't ask me what it reeks of 'cause you know I'm bad at describing scents. It smells more like candies--so yummy and sweet, I could forget this is a soap! This is very sudsy and I find that this easily melts of soap dishes so better store it in cool dry places to prolong its life.

I love the soap for its scent and using it in conjunction with the Collagen Masks (with twice application daily), I noticed I have achieved at least a skin tone fairer. Though I don't think this soap does much anyway  in terms of lightening the skin apart from making it soft and smooth. Since it has Glutathione on it, I thought that is worth mentioning.

This soap didn't make my skin feel itchy or stingy, neither it caused backne-s so I know this is gentle enough for everyday use. Even though it lathers well, I don't find it drying and with that, I think Precious Skin Extra Pure Gluta White Intensive Whitening Soap is worth a try. It didn't make it to my holy grail products, but if you are looking for whitening maintenance soap, I would suggest this soap to you--it's affordable after all and you don't have anything to lose!

What's your favorite Thai skin care products? Want to recommend? Comment down below! Happy blogging!


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