Wednesday, March 7, 2018

5 Uses of Mascara You Probably Do Not Know Of

Aside from foundations, the next thing that has made it through my essentials kit is probably a long-wearing and smudge-proof mascara. It is so efficient on its own as it enhances the eyes and makes it look a lot more expressive. Having not so enough tools and makeups right now, I figured out what else my favorite mascara can do. It, indeed, has become a favorite for a reason. It's intended solely for the eyes but it's a multi-tasker too. Here are the things we once never knew that we can do with our mascaras to minimize spending and maximize our resources!

1. Hair mimicker. If you have thin hairs or sparse eyebrows, you can definitely seek the help of a mascara. With the use of a spoolie, comb your hair to its direction so you can take note of the areas where sparsity is a problem. After that, grab the thinnest angled liner brush you can get a hold of, dab it on the mascara wand and mimic your hair strands. Not only it is so creative and fun to do, but you get to save your favorite eye brow palettes or pencils too!

2. Eyeliner. Shake your mascara thoroughly to make mix all the substance together, take out the mascara wand and with the use of a clean eyeliner brush, dab it on the black ink. Line your eyes as you normally would with a gel liner.You can even use a smudge brush if you want to recreate a smoky effect.

3. Brow mascara. Unruly thin brows? You can try this hack! Use your mascara wand as a brow mascara. But of course, you don't want it looking like a spider web, don't you? If you have untamed eye brows, use a spoolie to make it go on the right direction and comb it again with your mascara wand using very light strokes. Use the spoolie one more time if you overdo your brows just until it looks naturally thicker and fuller!

4. Mascara wand as an eyebrow and lashes tool. If you just emptied your mascara or if just dried out and got expired, don't be sad! You can still repurpose your mascara wand! I never thought I'd recycle my mascara wand until I bought myself some Castor Oil. While it's a bit messy to apply on my lashes and brows, I thought of the easiest way out by using my old mascara wand! If it's hairy enough to coat the lashes, just wash away all the remaining mascara with a cleansing water and it's good to go as a Castor Oil applicator!

5. Mascara wand as a nail art. I got this hack from stylecaster. True enough, the abstract look it creates make it a perfect choice for creative people out there! Drop some nail polish on the wand and stroke as you please! See, the mascara wand can bring out your inner artist!

Come up with some more ideas? Share your thoughts down below!


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