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Coastal Scents Brushes Review + Best and Worst Brushes

While pleasuring in some cola-flavored lollies, I've decided to make some good use of my time by posting this review. I, in fact, was super excited to write this because what I previously said in my Coastal Scents Haul post was something I'd like to spit out. Emphasis on was because this post is something that's long been overdue and again...forgetfulness is why. Anyway, I always believed that I'd like these brushes and now I don't know why I even jumped to that conclusion before when I haven't even known them for a long time. Moral of the lesson: it really takes some time before you get to know something.

There are two types to choose from: synthetic and natural bristles. That's something nice about Coastal Scents Brushes, they came with both counterparts so you have the option which type to get depends on where and how you will use your brush. Ideally, synthetic ones are for liquid makeups and natural ones are best use for packing on powder pigments. Makeup brushes don't work unless you make them work though. It just boils down to one's preference. I won't start by telling you what you probably know already but if ever you need information about how synthetic differs from natural hair, here is an article I'm always checking out though I am not affiliated with.

Now I've thought about it, I'll just review the brushes in general and then I'll tell you how I use each of them.

Coastal Scents Brushes In General

Size difference
Right: Coastal Scents Classic Buffer | Left: Zoeva Buffer Brush

The brushes came with the usual plastics and though the brand's name is printed on the handle, it lacks the name of the brushes. It makes me come up with my own names all of a sudden lol. If you are someone who is a first timer in the world of brushes, like me, it's quite hard to distinguish which one is for what purpose. Also, the face brushes are really big, in fact, bigger than other brands which makes them lessen the work and effort but doesn't make them any travel-friendly because of the size of the brushes. That's one that I would like to share.

Another thing is that I'm quite lucky that I bought them at sale prices because I think they are overpriced for the overall quality. Take this for example, their Classic Buffer Brush which I bought for $4.95 is originally priced at $14.95-$19.95. I'm pretty sure we ain't talking about Sigma here. But yeah, I compared all the prices of the brushes and this is one of their most expensive brushes. I have nothing against the brush particularly (this is my favorite among everything) but the brush arrived in not so good condition. The ferrule was shaking and I was trying to do vlogging when the head separated itself from the handle, literally. That was how flimsy it was made. I had to inconveniently go to the nearest store to buy a freakin mighty bond to connect both parts. Thankfully, it doesn't move anymore and it's the only thing I had that issue on, of all brushes, why does it have to be my favorite.

The brushes with natural hairs which pretty much comprises most of my purchases, by the way, have soft bristles but they tend to prick when smoothed all over the skin. I hate using my face brushes to apply anything vast on my skin because of this matter. One more thing, they shed like big time the more I wash them and they stink! They are dense enough to absorb makeup but they somehow became frizzy when dried and they tend to lose their shape overtime. This is the problem with most brushes with natural hairs and I wish I got the synthetic ones instead.

The Brushes In Details

Classic Buffer Brush Large Synthetic - This is my favorite. It's somehow a duo-fiber brush that I use to buff away foundation and it just does its job nicely. It tends to look a bit sticky when used with watery/serum foundations so I had to resort to the use of a sponge to make sure there aren't any streaky lines.

Classic Stippling Brush - Probably one of my least favorite. I use stippling brushes  and I even like the idea of stippling technique but I just can't gauge whatever use this has for me. The brush is flared out on top excessively and it's just way too large for my face. I prefer if this would be a bit stiffer and smaller to at least give a more precise application.

Kabuki Brush on a Stick - Also one of my least favorite. Bristles are too rough and pierces the skin.

Classic Foundation Concealer Brush Extra Large SyntheticI am not really a fan of taklon bristles for foundation brushes but I like it for concealing spots. It's very easy to use and easy to wash.

Classic Angled Powder Brush Natural, Classic Blush Angle Brush Large Synthetic, Classic Large Powder Brush Natural, Classic Flat Buffer Brush Natural, Classic Flat Powder Brush Natural, Classic Medium Tapered Powder Brush Natural These are the brushes I was thrilled to use at first. They are so dense and soft to the touch but just like most face brushes from Coastal Scents, I find them too harsh on the skin and they stink (natural hairs that's why!). Still, they get the job done as they pack up really nice amount of powder products on the skin which is still great.

Classic Round Duo Fiber Brush Synthetic - This duo-fiber brush is too small as opposed to the classic stippling one and I think it's useless. I tried using it as a highlighting brush which somehow work but since it's not intended for that and not really ideal for that purpose, I don't think I'll ever get my hands on it the next time.

Classic SuperBuki Brush Synthetic - This brush is soft and smooth but is TOO large and I'm not exaggerating when I say it is. I would love applying my setting powder with this but I just find it too overwhelming. It ended up lying somewhere in the corner of my stash.

Classic Angled Liner Brush Large Natural, Classic Angled Liner Brush Medium Synthetic, Classic Angled Liner Brush Synthetic, Classic Angled Liner Brush Small Synthetic - The first one is made of natural hair while the rest of the four eyeliner brushes I bought were made of synthetic, like taklon, bristles. They are firm enough to create precise lines but they aren't the thinnest type that I prefer like that of Zoeva's. Still, I love eye liner brushes because they are so multi-functional--can be used for both eyes and brows.

Classic Shadow Brush Small, Classic Shadow Brush Medium Natural, Classic Shadow Dome Brush Natural, Classic Shade and Flush Brush Medium Natural, Classic Blender Brush Natural, Classic Blender Crease Brush Synthetic, Pro Blending Fluff Brush, Classic Detail Mini Brush Synthetic, Classic Detail Round Brush Natural - I like the whole eye brushes collection of Coastal Scents. They blend eyeshadows nicely though I lack some like pencil brushes. I didn't know they are very essential until lately when I started having interest with them. These brushes are made of the same quality hair that are soft and fluffy but they don't pierce the eyes. If I am going to purchase more brushes from CS, I think I'd pick up a few of their eye brushes. They get rid of streaky, harsh colors and make colors pop some more.

I guess, we have the winners--Coastal Scents Eye Brushes and definitely the Classic Buffer Brush Large Synthetic! Overall, I didn't really enjoy much of CS Brushes but since now I got a few picks, it doesn't seem too bad at all. They still do have brush sets which, let's see if we can try some time! Have you tried these brushes? Any thoughts?


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