Sunday, March 18, 2018

First Time Waxing Your Hair? Here's What To Expect Ft. Dermcare Underarm Waxing Service

Last week, I went to Dermcare again but instead of the usual facial, I availed their waxing service. I'm currently undergoing their underarm whitening sessions which I bought from Metrodeal for such a steal price so waxing the hair down there is a prerequisite. The estheticians told me I have to wax my armpit (which was, by the way, my first time) for the reason that instead of my hair absorbing the solution, it pays to get rid of the barriers so it will go penetrate down my skin and work its wonders. Because I started to grow fond of Dermcare due to my love for their Pimple Acne Treatment with Seaweed Mask, I wanted to document all the services I have undergone so I can tell you the progress.

There isn't much to tell about the Underarm Waxing Treatment. Overall, it was very swift and it barely took me 5 minutes on their VIP room before I pack up and go home. Maybe my underarms hair weren't long enough to give the lady a hardwork. That's it for my review. Kidding!

So I was one of the many people who fall in line when SM was just about to reopen at 10:00 AM. I was at the clinic by 10:45 AM because I had to take my breakfast first. The faces who greeted me look all familiar, why not, I've been there on a third time. They asked me politely what service I'd like to avail and they even courteously asked me if I was responding to any promotions which  unfortunately, I was not. I suggest that if Metrodeal restocked on coupons about Dermcare services, you better hoard! My mistake, I only purchased one coupon each for Underarm Whitening and Diamond Peel and nothing for their waxing services. I was scared I wouldn't like any of it and I felt very wronged and regretful. Now we know.

Anyway, the lady who was assigned to me asked me to remove my top and use the towel to cover myself. She wet some wipes and clean my pits very swiftly and there she began the process. I was quite nervous since it would be the very first time I'll have someone wax my underarm hair so I didn't had the chance to observe what she was doing. I just had a glimpse of the wax which was milky white in shade and all I can tell is that she was working so fast so the wax won't turn hard enough to be applied to my skin nor hot enough to cause me blisters. She was even nice asking me if the heat of the wax is just enough for me to tolerate.

The lady applied two layers of wax for each underarm. I thought it will be very painful but was almost painless. I'm used to plucking my hairs so that probably made me strenghten my immunity to hair removals but I really didn't expect that it would be that easy. I had to even check my pits from time to time because I felt like it didn't remove all my hair because again, it was almost painless. After waxing, the lady plucked atleast three hairs out but other than that, I was hair-free! She then applied some solutions on my skin maybe to close the pores and advice that I shouldn't wet my skin for about 8 hours. That smells nice!

The only thing that made me not so unhappy was the fact that Dermcare waxing, I guess from P150 skyrocketed to P280. If it's always this painless though, I think I would go back for more sessions! It will be more fun if Metrodeal gave us some coupons for that and I swear I'd hoard!

Have you tried Dermcare waxing services? How was it?

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